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Dr. John Stewart Blog – 5

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The subject of this blog is Containers:

Many of our users ask about obtaining a suitable large container in which to make the colloidal waters. Although purists would argue that it is better to use glass, we have found that a good quality container made of drinking water quality plastic works perfectly well not only for charging the water, but also for long-term storage.  We can provide you with a lightweight 7.56 litre (2 gallons) plastic container which also has a tap at the bottom. It has a 3.5 inch opening upon which our generator sits.  Because they are so light, we can mail them inexpensively to any country in the World. Price is $20 USD each.  We also use and sell for $35 USD, a heavier glass container made by Anchor Hocking which is available from many cooking stores, such as Walmart, Amazon, Target, etc. Two sizes are available half gallon Item # 85787R and one gallon Item # 85725 at

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Dr. John Stewart Blog – 4

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In this blog I’d like to introduce the visitor to independent laboratory analysis (below) done on Biophysica-generator produced colloidal silver (CS) and colloidal gold (CG).

The results speak for themselves both in terms of size and concentration, which gives the user the confidence that CS and CG produced using Biophysica’s generators are of the highest quality available. Most of our competitors do not offer laboratory analysis and in our opinion their generators are inferior to ours for many reasons. I wouldn’t trust a colloidal generator that is not backed by laboratory analysis. I would never recommend using silver wire instead of proper electrodes because its use will create very large particles that are not only useless in terms of fighting micro organisms but could also cause harm.

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Independent Laboratory Analysis

We sent samples for Independent laboratory analysis of our colloidal products made using our CS-12 colloidal generator, charged at 48 volts for 48 hours, with 2 large 2 inch x 6 inch pure silver and gold electrodes, Alternating Polarity, Constant Current, Stirrer, spinning double Neodymium magnet and Pulse Modulation with proprietary waveforms. Results showed a stable clear Colloidal Silver product with 45.4 parts per million (ppm). The TEM picture (Transmission Electron Microscopy) shows spherical particles in a range of sizes from 2 to 8 nm. This is an impressive achievement due to the high frequencies we use to induce a high Zeta Potential. CS at this high concentration would generally become cloudy due to agglomeration of nanoparticles. Our product was also tested and found to be highly potent against MRSA.

The following are unedited reports for our Colloidal Silver and Colloidal Gold.

SILVER: These spectacular results show that the silver particle size is no more than 8 nanometres and furthermore is demonstrated to be active against Methacillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) within 8 minutes. In this experiment, the efficacy of Biophysica was tested against the bacteria Staphylococcus aureus at four and eight minutes. The subject sample BP (24.20 ppm), showed signs of antibacterial activity equally against both the S1 and S2 strains. At four minutes BP began to inhibit the bacterial growth, while at eight minutes BP significantly reduced the bacterial growth.

Gold Results for our colloidal gold show that nano-particles of our sample #1 have size of 2-3 nm. Concentration could be increased from 0.56 ppm with charging for 10 to 20 days instead of only 2 days.

These impressive high quality results are likely due to the use of the above special conditions, which we have been researching for the last 20 years.

Research literature indicates that charged nanometre-sized particles smaller than 10 nm exhibit greatly enhanced antimicrobial activity compared with larger particles over 100 nm. Quantum phenomena and non-locality effects on consciousness, mitochondria and DNA may also be playing a part at these small dimensions. Particles of this small size will exhibit Quantum effects.

Links: Independent Laboratory Colloidal Analysis of Our Product at 45 ppm showing size less than 8 nm at

3) Our colloidal water has proven independent lab certification
4) Gold at

Dr. John Stewart Blog – 3

Welcome to my Blog,

We have recently developed a new highly linear (to 1%) current regulator design for enhanced constant current control range and linearity, which is now in all new devices (colloidal waters generators). The electrical current will now range from 6 milliAmperes to 65 mA. 6 mA will be best for smallest nanoparticles and 65 mA for Gold and Platinum. The control knob will indicate a linear relationship to current, unlike our older designs. The new control modification also includes two options
1) A pair of output connector jacks with which to monitor electrodes current using any small external multimeter, which we also sell for $60. Cost = $100 USD
2) Front panel digital LED display of current through the electrodes. Cost = $150 USD

Germanium energies are included the circuit inside the circuit using a Germanium crystal diode.

Feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions at 647-478-6946 Toll Free 1-800-488-2032 from Canada, US E-mail:

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Dr. John Stewart Blog – 2

Why Colloidal?

Colloidals are the smallest particles that matter can be divided into while still keeping its individual characteristics, without going atomic, becoming an ion and locked into an inactive sulphate, oxide, chloride or fluoride molecule. They are nanoparticles in permanent suspension because of the Zeta Potential electrical charge (up to 60 millivolts), on each particle causing mutual repulsion, preventing aggregation into large ineffective particles. Ions have a much smaller charge which rapidly becomes neutralized in the body.

Size Matters:

The smallest nanoparticles come from the largest electrodes, with the largest area, such as our 2” x 6” sheets, with area = 12 sq inches. This is why we never use wires or rods. A rod of length H= 6” of #12 gauge has a diameter of D= 0.081” (2 mm) which has a surface area of only ?DH = 3×0.08×6 = 1.44 sq inches. Nanoparticle size is directly dependent on Current Density = milliamperes per square inch of area. This means that if current is too large or area too small, then the electrodes will be overdriven producing large ineffective particles and ions.
The more effective nano-particles range in size from less than 1 nanometer to 10 nanometers, which is 30-60 times smaller than the wavelength of light (300-600 nm). Consequently they cannot be seen with any light microscope and will not give a Tyndall Effect using a laser beam. If there is a colour or Tyndall, then those particles are too large to be fully effective against the small more dangerous viruses which cause neurological damage. The small size gives colloidal minerals enormous surface area, and special properties of absorption for the human or animal body, as opposed to rock and shell based minerals, which are always combined with some other radical, such as in oxides, and have no Zeta Potential charge. Dr Joel Wallach says “One teaspoon of colloidals can have a total surface area of over 127 acres”.

Electrical Charge (Zeta Potential)

Because of our proprietary technology, which includes magnetic vortex, high frequencies, current control, alternating polarity, our nanoparticles have been measured to carry a very high Zeta Potential electrical charge of 60 millivolts.

According to Wikipedia this potential is in the highest range to ensure excellent
long-term stability. Look at

Absorption and Excretion:

Superior absorption is another characteristic of colloids, since the finely divided colloidal particles having a large surface area exposed to interact with our cells and still able to penetrate the Blood-Brain Barrier. Excretion of colloidal nanoparticles is all too rapid, so that ingestion should be done on a daily basis.

According to Dr Joel Wallach ”Colloidal minerals are truly the most efficient way to get your minerals. You can absorb 98% of them. They are liquid. They have a small particle size. To give you a comparison: a red blood cell is 7 microns. A colloidal mineral particle is 0.01 micron (or less): that is 1/7000th the size of a red blood cell. Minerals move around in our bodies through our blood, and we store minerals in our cells. The small size of colloidal minerals is ideal. The electrical charge means they stay in solution or suspension- they don’t settle out. They are very absorbable. Instead of having to break down bulky, compressed tablets or gelatin capsules, the body can immediately go to work using your self-made colloidal minerals. Which will not interfere with any other supplemental or therapeutic program. Instead, they assist any and all diets, medication or herbs to work faster and more efficiently”. At

Dangerous viruses:

Viruses play a role in causing some cancers and may be responsible in Alzheimers, MS, Parkinsons, Diabetes, Chronic fatigue (Epstein-Barr Virus), Mononucleosis. They can be so small as to enter and infect bacteria. Even smaller, <20 nm, are the Prions which cause Mad Cow Disease and possibly other brain disorders.  There is considerable evidence that silver nanoparticles of less than 10 nanometres are likely to inactivate most viruses and prions.

Dr. John Stewart Blog – 1

Welcome to my Blog,

In my new blog I will be writing about my work, my research and the products created here at Biophysica. You will find relevant and timely material here related to health sciences and specifically to my areas of expertise with a focus on colloidal silver.

Please visit Biophysica’s home page  to familiarize yourself with the range of products and areas of interest we offer.

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Feel free to email me with any related questions you might have.

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Dr. John Stewart.