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Accessories for Colloidal Generators

Accessories for Residential Colloidal Water Generators

 Conductivity Meters

Plain Plastic Stirrer  Price = $5

Plain Plastic Stirrer of length 4.5 inches with central hole for motor shaft. Creates a vortex and restructures the water.

Magnetic Stirrer Price = $50

Creates a magnetic vortex to restructure water

Powerful Neodymium magnet providing 13,000 Gauss, installed into plastic stirrer. Helps to restructure water and enhance Zeta Potential for highest quality.

24 Volt or 48 Volt DC Internationally approved switching power supply adapter

Power Adapter. Internationally tested and approved regulated 24 or 48 volt DC power supply/adapter for any country. UL ,CUL, CE, TUV, and CSA tested and approved

Bottles, 1 Gallon Glass Jar

1 gallon (4 or 5 litre versions) glass container with aluminum lid and 7 inch (10 cm) internal height for 6 inch long electrodes. Ideal for charging water. Has flat sides allowing inspection of electrodes. Weighs 1.3 kg. Not readily available in stores. (SHIPPING EXTRA)

 Ultrasonic nebulizer for inhaling colloidal silver water


Filter funnel with suction. Uses fine filter paper down to 1 micron (1000nm)


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