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Welcome to Biophysica’s video page.

Here you will find videos about out colloidal/ionization technology and other technologies we are currently developing.

Dec 7, 2020 Lisa Chilvers interviews Dr. John Stewart on colloidal minerals as life-saving remedies

Colloidal Generators 7 videos

Making your own colloidal silver and other mineral waters Our Colloidal video at

Biophysica – Colloidal Minerals at

Our silver mineral water video is at



Biophysica – Ionization, The Making Of Colloidals

Biophysica – Colloidal Generators

Biophysica – Colloidal Minerals

SM5000 Electronic Descaler and Water Softener

MVI 8346

Industrial Ionization

Biophysica’s video page at

April, 2014 423 views Industrial Colloidal Making industrial quantities of Colloidal Silver at

Nov, 2013 Biophysica – Ionization, The Making Of Colloidals, nanoparticles, Zeta Potential at

July, 2010  Our water Ionization Video, Bulk industrial quantities of microbicidal water (1550 views) is at

Sept 2010 Video on our Industrial Colloidal Silver Maker (1820 views) at

Water Ionization

Colloidal Silver Replies on the Blue Man

Industrial Colloidal Silver Maker

Colloidal Water Generators

TMS portable Transcerebral Magnetic Stimulator for home use