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Dr. Stewart. Colloidal Silver & Corona Virus 2 Feb 2020


In recent decades the world has experienced a number of epidemics such as the Bird Flu, Swine Flu, MERS and SARS. This trend is approaching pandemic proportions with recent news about the “killer Chinese coronavirus”, 2019-nCoV, recently renamed ‘Covid-19’ by the WHO. It is vitally important to investigate methods of mitigating and treating this disease, beyond or in addition to conventional microbiology and laboratory vaccine developments. Colloidal silver is the way, since it can be used effectively as both a remedy and a preventive.

Viruses such as the Coronavirus (Covid-19) are very small, sub-microscopic entities that are about 1,000 times smaller than bacteria. A virus must have a host cell or bacteria in which to live and make more viruses. Viruses cannot function outside a host cell and are opportunistic in looking for a cell to invade. They can enter the body through the nose, mouth or breaks in the skin. However, the Coronavirus preferentially seeks out lung cells.

Upon entering the lung cells, the Covid-19 virus particle attaches to a host cell and releases genetic instructions into the cell that interacts with the host cell’s enzymes to make new virus particles. These newly created viruses can break out of the cell and are free to infect other parts of the body. Collidal-silver is an effective method of neutralizing or in fact killing the Coronavirus. Collidal-silver reacts with the oxygen-metabolizing enzyme in the cell wall, effectively blocking its ability to receive oxygen that rapidly kills the self-replicating process of the virus – the virus has effectively been asphyxiated.

Collidal-silver can be used as a remedy, as described above in killing the Coronavirus. An effective way of doing this is through inhalation, since the Coronavirus selectively seeks lung cells. Collidal-silver water can be used in nebulizers, atomizers and ultrasonic humidifiers to produce a fine mist of moist, silver-laden air for inhalation into the lungs. Depending on the device, the face and nose can be positioned close to the source of the mist, or some devices have special masks and fittings to place over the nose. Breathe deeply and inhale the Collidal-silver laden mist in an effort to kill or mitigate the virus.

Internal use – ingestion, take one tablespoon or 15 mL each morning and night. Allow the silver suspension to stay in the mouth, swish it around and let it reside under the tongue (sub-lingually) for at least one or two minutes.

For acute conditions, take more frequently. It is important to drink at least six glasses of pure water daily to assist in the elimination of destroyed pathogens.

Collidal-silver can also be used as a preventive measure for topical use as a spray in a convenient finger-pump spray bottle. Apply directly to cuts, cold sores, burns, open sores and other lesions. Collidal-silver works best when placed in contact with the source of infection. Spray on hands and face, and surfaces for disinfection.

For external use, spray, wash or immerse masks, wound dressings, handkerchiefs, clothing and endotracheal tubes in silver water to disinfect them. Food packaging – silver helps to extend shelf life of foods and fight bacteria around the food, and disinfects water and other beverages.

Collidal-silver has no adverse contra-indications or side effects, and does not interfere with other medicines. Silver-resistant strains of pathogens are not known to develop or exist. Can be used for adults, children, babies, pets and animals. Many people do not hear about Colloidal or Collidal-silver since this remarkable treatment is considered a “natural”, unpatentable method that is not in the interests of the pharmaceutical industry.

Biophysica Inc. has been designing and manufacturing health-related and environmental products since 1998. Biophysica offers a broad range of colloidal (nano-) silver (and other metal) generators for every type of disinfection and treatment application. There are a number of characteristics about the manufacture and use of colloidal silver to consider. A very important characteristic is particle size. The general term “colloidal” typically means a particle size range of less than one micrometre (1 µm or 10-6 m), suspended in a liquid. However, recent manufacturing technology permits the silver particles to be even smaller – in the “nano-“ range, where one nanometre is one thousandth of a micrometre (1 nm or 10-9 m). It is important to have a silver particle size range of less than 10 nm to ensure a stable, consistent, high purity suspension, and for disinfection efficacy.

It is also important to have this small size range so that the Collidal -silver can pass through the blood-brain-barrier (BBB) – a highly selective semi-permeable border that separates the circulating blood from the brain and extracellular fluid in the central nervous system. This permits treating brain disorders such as meningitis and other diseases with Collidal -silver, where regular antibiotics cannot penetrate.


  • Particle size – the typical particle size of Biophysica colloidal generators is consistently less than 10 nanometres, confirmed by laboratory analysis with electron microscopy.
  • High voltage, high power – 90 to 220 V to deliver electrical current through a wide range of hard and soft waters of different conductivities for the fast production of consistent silver and other metal particle suspensions. Nano-particle concentrations up to 50 parts per million (ppm) can be selectively produced. Consistent high Zeta Potential (electrostatic charge on particles, in millivolts) means stable, long-term suspensions.
  • Many different models with selectable area electrodes for different production rates. The electrodes are plates, rather than wires, to allow greater volumetric productivity. Electrode areas available from six square inches for small personal systems, up to 48 square inches for commercial and industrial systems.
  • Many different mineral nano-particle suspensions, such as silver, gold, iron, copper, magnesium, zinc, tin, platinum and palladium can be produced, with metal purities up to 99.99%. It is also possible to have multi-channel systems to produce multi-element suspensions.
  • Biophysica Colloidal Silver Generators produce elemental silver rather than ionic silver, which does not react with other ions and precipitate, and does not result in Argyria, the blue/grey discoloration of the skin from large doses of ionic silver.

BIOPHYSICA’s broad range of Colloidal Mineral Generators covers personal and domestic applications up to large scale commercial and industrial utilization.

Pictured high power/ high capacity Biophysica commercial colloidal generator with large area zinc, magnesium, iron and copper electrodes for high volume production of different colloidal minerals/metals.

Biophysica colloidal are the most versatile in the market and are capable of producing a wide range of colloidal waters as well as colloidal silver/gold.

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