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Using a Biophysica Inc. Colloidal Generator Off-Grid

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This post is for customers who are planning to be spending time off-grid such as, having a vacation in the wild, in rural areas, staying away from home in places without electricity or clean water, preppers, survivalists and more.

Biophysica Inc. has been manufacturing Colloidal Generators for over twenty years now.
Ranging from our domestic models geared towards colloidal waters production from the single-family consumption through our commercial and industrial models that can produce hundreds and even thousands of gallons of colloidal waters.

For both the occasional off-grid travel, camping and possibly longer term off-grid life style I would like to remind you that most of our generators run on a 12Volt power supply. That means that right off the shelf our generator can be powered directly from a vehicle using the “cigarette lighter” accessory to produce high quality colloidal waters while away from home and away from the electrical grid. Our generators will work in RVs and boats equipped with 12Volt power supply as well, please make sure that your system is a 12Volt system as connecting a Biophysica Inc. generator to a higher voltage source will damage it.

You can also run your Biophysica Inc. generator from a 12Volt solar panel kit for the ultimate off-grid conditions. I will demonstrate in our next video how I run our Colloidal Generator directly from a rechargeable battery powered by a solar panel. I will also explain how to source out a kit or components to put together a solar panel system to power a Biophysica Inc. domestic generator and some of our commercial models.

Note that our domestic models consume the lowest amount of electricity so they are the best candidate for off-grid colloidal waters production.

A new custom feature for our domestic models is a motor disabling Switch for extremely low-power consumption (very little sun, overcast days and extremely cloudy conditions).

I will also demonstrate our external range tuner adapter box to deal with extremely conductive water you might have to use from wells, springs, rivers etc.

Note that the water you use needs to be drinkable to start with. There are plenty of filter systems available to purify just about just about any kind of water you will find while you are off-grid.

Whether you only use Colloidal Silver for its health enhancing qualities or also produce other colloidal metals/minerals such as Colloidal Zinc, Colloidal Magnesium, Colloidal Iron, Colloidal Copper and Colloidal Gold to be used as high quality nutritional supplements, imagine being able to reliably produce those in off-grid conditions.

Remember the antiseptic quality of some of the colloidal waters, those should be used when off-grid to disinfect your wild food sources such as fruit, vegetables, meat etc. Colloidal Silver is also very effective dressing wounds.

I will also talk about purifying water with Copper/Silver ionization that can add another layer of safety when you are unsure about the quality of your drinking water source.

The video presentation will be posted within about a week.

Feel free to contact me personally with any questions.
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Keep healthy and safe.

Dr. John Stewart

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