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Light therapy pens


New high power Blue Laser

Pulse modulated light applications.  Pulsing enhances efficacy. All our devices have automatic scanning of frequencies throughout the spectrum of biologically active frequencies.

GREEN LASER10 – >10mw@532nm Class 3B…………..$800 US

RED LASER10 – >10mw@632nm Class 3B…………..$300 US

Hair removal and skin treatment with pulsed light is a growing market. Biophysica is the approved supplier to many of the industry leaders. Biophysica engineers offer advice and support for the special application conditions in pulsed light systems.

Green Laser Pen

Low Energy Photon Emitters come in various options:

  1. A genuine coherent infra-red, red, green or blue laser diode.
  2. An ultra-bright light probe of any colour of choice from infra-red, red, orange, yellow, green, blue (470 nm), ultraviolet and white.  Cost is $200 each
  3. Cluster of 5 or 12 or 20 multicolored emitters covering a larger area than a single spot (for Dermatology and arthritis).

The preferred colour is white because of its broad spectrum content.

The University of Copenhagen reported that patients with painful hand rheumatoid arthritis experienced improved finger strength and flexibility, less swelling.  Laboratory evidence of inflammation in measurements of red cell sedimentation rates and leucocyte counts also improved.

Photons play an important role in communication between adjacent cells and undoubtedly profoundly affect metabolism and speed up response to other treatments and medication.  Research on Biophotons has revealed that cells transmit and are sensitive to light pulses.


This new, innovative, technology  is slowly gaining the approval of the medical world, after proving itself valuable. As a result, much research has commenced and the scientific world has joined forces with the holistic world. A new edge concept that provides scientific evidence for skin rejuvenation. All of the following scientific facts have been tested with proven results:

Photobiostimulation has beneficial effects on epidermal keratinocytes proliferation: Mitosis, Mitochondrial energy transfer. Increase cellular ATP synthesis. Effect on Fibroblast proliferation. Effect on healing wounds in post-operative treatments. Effect on contractile muscles’ cells.


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  1. Reversing Cocaine’s Effects with Light: Researchers use optogenetics to reverse drug-induced brain and behavioral changes. “optogenetics—a technique in which light-sensitive ion channels from algae are expressed in specific neurons causing them to trigger action potentials in response to light. The team used light stimulation to reduce activity of neurons in the nucleus accumbens, thus reversing the increased activity, called potentiation, caused by cocaine.
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  5. Our Laser Therapy page


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We can develop unique custom versions of these technologies for health professionals  researchers and manufacturers.

Warning and Disclaimer:  Many of our items function based on Subtle Energies, the existence of which  there is only some limited evidence. These Subtle Energy items have not been rigorously proven scientifically, therefore any use can be only experimental, sacramental, educational, or hobby and no claims to treat or cure diseases are implied. Any suggestions of usefulness are based partly on limited scientific studies and on anecdotal or testimonial evidence.

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