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Dr. Stewart. Enhanced Constant Current control Oct 2015

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We have recently developed a new highly linear (to 1%) current regulator design for enhanced constant current control range and linearity, which is now in all new devices (colloidal waters generators). The electrical current will now range from 6 milliAmperes to 65 mA. 6 mA will be best for smallest nanoparticles and 65 mA for Gold and Platinum. The control knob will indicate a linear relationship to current, unlike our older designs. The new control modification also includes two options
1) A pair of output connector jacks with which to monitor electrodes current using any small external multimeter, which we also sell for $60. Cost = $100 USD
2) Front panel digital LED display of current through the electrodes. Cost = $150 USD

Germanium energies are included the circuit inside the circuit using a Germanium crystal diode.

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