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Dr. Stewart. Containers for production of Colloidal Silver. Nov 2015

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The subject of this blog is Containers:

Many of our users ask about obtaining a suitable large container in which to make the colloidal waters. Although purists would argue that it is better to use glass, we have found that a good quality container made of drinking water quality plastic works perfectly well not only for charging the water, but also for long-term storage.  We can provide you with a lightweight 7.56 litre (2 gallons) plastic container which also has a tap at the bottom. It has a 3.5 inch opening upon which our generator sits.  Because they are so light, we can mail them inexpensively to any country in the World. Price is $20 USD each.  We also use and sell for $35 USD, a heavier glass container made by Anchor Hocking which is available from many cooking stores, such as Walmart, Amazon, Target, etc. Two sizes are available half gallon Item # 85787R and one gallon Item # 85725 at

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