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Dr. Stewart. Colloidal Silver & Corona Virus Feb 2020

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The best way to protect yourself from both the flu and coronavirus is basic science. There are now many hundreds of university and hospital research studies showing how silver-based mineral water rapidly inactivates most viruses. Silver mineral water should supplement our daily diet, not only to provide our daily requirement of 0.3 milligrams of silver ions (same trace amount as copper) to support our immune systems, but also to protect ourselves from a wide range of dangerous organisms.  Every family should have their own silver water colloidal generator which can produce not only silver but also ions of all the essential metals such as zinc, magnesium, iron, copper, gold. Biophysica has developed a new multi-mineral colloidal generator which can simultaneously produce mineral waters of all of these important metals.

 “University Study Shows Ionic Silver Effective Against SARS; Supports Previous Research Findings on SARS Virus”, during a laboratory study conducted by the University of Arizona. This verifies previous studies that antimicrobial solutions based on ionic silver can continuously inhibit the growth of bacteria, mold and fungus.

Please watch this Video and pay attention at the 22 minute-mark.
If you don’t have time just watch from the 22 minute-mark.
There is a reference there to the efficacy of colloidal silver/gold combination (we call it Electrum) with the coronavirus.
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