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Water Science Behind our Disinfection Technology

Water Science

This section contains general background information on Water Sciences including:

  • Biophysical Properties of Metals 
    There are a number of different metals and minerals which can be used to generate colloidal mineral water. Because of the electrical requirements to use different electrodes with a generator, be sure to make sure that your generator can handle the type of electrodes you will be using. (continued…)
  • Special and Structured Waters
    Structured Water is purified water which has been energetically enhanced using techniques derived from Quantum Physics, using Scalar Waves, Tachyonic Crystals and Sacred Geometry. (continued…)
  • Ultra Violet Water Treatment
    Ultraviolet (UV) sterilization is used as a pretreatment and/or post treatment step, along with Silver and Copper, to kill or inhibit growth of microorganisms, remove ozone, chlorine and trace organics and reduce total organic carbon (TOC).(continued…)