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PRICES for Portable and Travel Colloidal Generators



 Our compact affordable CS1-T Portable Traveler’s Colloidal Generator for small volume travel use is designed to inactivate most bacteria and viruses in drinking water. It looks like a

blender/mixer for ease of international travel and customs clearance

Price = $560  Comes with two pure silver electrodes

Extra ELEC-S4 2 Silver Electrodes 1×4 inch price per pair = $100

Travel colloidal generator

Travel colloidal generator

Blender colloidal generator



•  Smallest professional emergency water purification ionizer in the World. Business card size. Provides safe drinking water and beverages for travelers.
•  Small, compact, light-weight, convenient for restaurant, beach and bar use to disinfect all beverages. Makes for a lively focus of conversation. Don’t travel anywhere without one. It could save your life.
•  Slim enough (5 mm) to fit in a wallet, purse, pocket, eye-glass case or book.
•  Can disinfect water, juices, tea, coffee, milk, beer, even distilled and reverse osmosis water
•  Wash salads, raw meat and foods with the treated water.
•  Works where UV alone will not, such as in cloudy beverages. Totally safe, whereas Chlorine, Iodine, peroxide etc may cause cancer.
•  Filters out chlorine by reducing it to insoluble inert harmless chloride.
•  Provides long-lasting residual antimicrobial potency in the treated water for many months because ions and Zeta Potential do not evaporate
•  Makes 1 litre of safe drinking water in 15 minutes.
•  Powered by standard 9 volt alkaline battery available anywhere, or any 6-24 volt DC or AC source
•  Totally immersible. On-board violet light comes on under water. Lamp is unbreakable.
•  UV light on the stericard comes on automatically to help sterilize the water and to verify flow of ions and electric current from the electrodes through the water.
•  Large pure anode electrode (3 inch x 2 inch) for high quality and antimicrobial effectiveness.
•  Current into the electrodes is controlled by our constant current controlling circuit to an accuracy of 0.1 %, to the proper level of milliamperes, regardless of variations in water conductivity or of applied voltage.
•  Weight = 0.025 kg = 25 grams (without battery).
•  Comes with reinforced rigid battery snap and heavy duty wire for rough use. •  High quality unbreakable printed circuit board.
•  Costs less than the Steripen
•  Ionization disinfection technology is EPA and WHO approved for safety and efficacy.

Price = $200 includes 99.99% pure silver anode sheet electrode 3″ x 2″ of area = 6 sq. inches

Option:  A narrower version 1″ wide x 6″ long is available for the same price. This will fit into juice bottles.

Stericard Emergency colloidal silver maker

Stericard Emergency colloidal silver maker