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Colloidal Mineral Water Generators

Use the Biophysica colloidal generator to make your own colloidal mineral waters.  We supply large area metal electrodes with 99.99% purity of most essential metals in the most absorbable colloidal form, such as Colloidal Silver, Colloidal Iron,  Colloidal Zinc,  Colloidal Magnesium, Colloidal Copper,  Colloidal Gold,  Colloidal Tin, Colloidal Titanium, Colloidal Platinum.
Germanium and Selenium are included within each colloidal generator in homeopathic energetic form.

Each colloidal metal has its own unique properties and benefits for humans and animals, without causing malabsorption reactions.  Our domestic and industrial models cover a wide range of liquid volumes up to bottling plant quantities.