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Hunza Water

Hunza Water

Hunza Powder in the form of Electrically Activated Silica Hydride, has an alkalizing, energising and antioxidant effect to make Hunza Water. Additional silver and gold ionization using our colloidal generators would complete the process of simulating true Hunza Water. We can sell the means whereby individuals and  manufacturers can treat ordinary water to make their own Hunza Water.


Most people think that water is the same everywhere with minor differences.  This could not be farther from the truth.  Water takes on multiple forms in its liquid state,  while in the solid state, no two snow flakes are the same.  Water as it circulates in our bodies is biological water and quite different from the bulk unstructured water which most of us drink. Even the water inside our cells (intracellular water) is different from extracellular water in the spaces between cells.  As we become older, we are less able to absorb and assimilate not only bulk water but also nutrients, minerals and vitamins.  As a consequence our bodies become dehydrated no matter how much bulk water we drink.  This is why we often feel thirsty with a sense of something missing even after large amounts of water. The story of nanocolloids began with Dr Henri Coanda, a respected fluid scientist who died in 1972.  Dr Coanda was researching longevity and water science, in which he had discovered the 5 places on Earth where the people live and reproduce to over 100 years of age.  Dr Coanda realised that the secret lay in the unique water of these mountainous glacial  regions and in the 1930’s he visited some of these including Hunzaland in northern Pakistan.  What he discovered was that the whitish Hunza water (milk of the mountains) contained minerals in elemental pulverised form called a colloidal suspension with high concentrations of Silica, Silver and Gold.  The minerals were not in the ionised salt form, presumably because the salt form would have been dissolved away long before.  The powder particles were electrically charged and of submicron size, some as small as 1-5 nanometres.

Colloidal Chemistry:

When submicron-sized particles are electrically charged and suspended in water, the water is more able to exert its range of unusual properties (see Water Science), some of which seem to border on the mystical.  The particles all take on their surface a positive electrical charge derived either from vortex movement (as in the Tangential Vortex Magnetic Amplifier), or succussion (as in Homeopathy), or from a Tesla Coil electrical energy introduced in the manufacturing process (as in Colloidal Silver and Gold).  This electrical charge,  a measure of which is Zeta Potential, makes the water more wet and ingestible by living creatures and more able to donate electrons as a reducing antioxidant agent (as opposed to an oxidising agent, such as Chlorine, which steals electrons from our body organs and skin).

Water Science:

Water has at least 36 different forms each with different properties.  Atoms connect with other atoms to form long polymeric sheets, liquid crystal lattice and spherical structures  (clathrates) even at temperatures above 100 degrees C.  More importantly, water seems able to store information for healing in its vibratory structure especially in variations of the angle which its hydrogen atoms make with the single oxygen atom.  All of this order results in bulk unstructurerd water having a high Surface Tension of 73 dynes and difficulty to penetrate cell and mitochondrial membranes and to enter deep inside cells where water and the nutrients it carries are needed most.

The electrically charged nanoparticles are made of silica hydride and act as energy seeds forming the nuclei of stable nanometre-sized water crystals.  This ensures that the water has the lowest possible Surface Tension of 38 dynes, making the water wetter and more absorbable.  A more important factor is the negative electrical charge of electrons carried on hydrogen atoms all over the surface of each of the microclusters.


Silica is the combination of Silicon, Oxygen and Hydrogen.  The element Silicon behaves similarly to Carbon in its ability to form a variety of crystals including a large spherical crystal like the “Buckyball” or geodesic dome described by Buckminster Fuller.  It is this form which Silica uses to carry the essential electrons around the body and deep into the mitochondria and is the main secret of Hunza Water.


This is the simplest of atoms and consists of one proton and up to two electrons.  One of the electrons is tightly bound while the other hydride electron is loose and free to bond with other radicals.  Many such hydride radicals stick out from all over the surface of the 5 nanometre sized silica spherical crystals of Silica Hydride making them extremely efficient electron donors or anti-oxidants.

Free radicals:

When life forms on Earth changed from using anaerobic sources of energy to using Oxygen, we paid a big price in terms of toxic byproducts called Free Radicals.  All of these can cause severe cellular and DNA damage, especially the Hydroxyl (OH) radical.  The result is premature aging, damage to collagen in the skin, inflammations, ischaemia, hypoxia, cataracts, retinopathy, arthritis, allergies, Auto-immune diseases, Parkinson’s disease, cancer and damage to Telomeres.  The other free radicals are Superoxide, Hydrogen Peroxide, oxygen molecule, Nitric Oxide, and 6 others.  The production of Free Radicals is hastened by excessive exercise, radiation, ultraviolet light, bacterial & viral toxins, smoking, alcohol.  The oxidation created by free radicals leads to a variety of problems including loss of energy, accelerated aging, and decreased immune function.   Hunza effectively neutralizes these free radicals through a simple biochemical process.  This electrically activated silica hydride powder has more antioxidant power than any other avaiolable.


Of all the natural mechanisms for anti-oxidation, Melatonin is the most powerful, followed by Glutathione, uric acid, catalase and superoxide dismutase(SOD).  For the most part our anti-oxidation has to be supported by external, exogenous antioxidant molecules such as Vitamins A, C & E, Lipoic acid, Vit Q-10, Pycnogenol, Selenium, beta-carotene, Copper, Iron, Zinc, Manganese, Chromium, DMSO, and possibly Silver and Gold.

Calorie restriction:

From rat studies published in “Maximum Lifespan” and “The 120-year Diet” by Dr Roy Walford reporting on the work of Dr Clive McCay in 1935 at Cornell University, we learned that rats fed on a normal diet lived for an average of 483 days, while the restricted rats lived for an average of 820 days, with one sixth living longer than 1200 days.

Stress & Cortisol:

According to Dr Khalsa, when we are excessively stressed mentally or physically, the Adrenal gland releases the hormone Cortisol which then robs the brain of its only source of fuel, Glucose and Oxygen.  Metabolism then proceeds by  inefficient, incomplete, indirect paths resulting in more free radicals being produced.  A similar process happens in muscles when Lactic Acid accumulates.

Hunza Powder:

Starting with Rice flour, which is a vegetable source of Silica, the silica is exposed to a high voltage Tesla Coil  which forces extra electrons to become attached to each clathrate molecule.  All antioxidants of biological usefulness release only one electron per molecule, while Silica Hydride releases many (perhaps 60).  The main power of Hunza is in recharging these metabolisable antioxidant molecules especially Melatonin and Vitamin C & E, so that they can be used over and over again without having to be destroyed, excreted and lost. This revolutionary product helps neutralize toxins and free radicals like no other nutritional supplement on the planet.   It helps create a more alkaline cellular environment.  An alkaline versus an acidic cellular environment is believed to be one of the major deterrents to tissue damage, and to cancer formation.

  • Hunza Powder alkalizes the body
  • Hunza Powder Lowers Blood Lactic Acid Levels During Strenuous Exercise
  • Hunza Powder promotes Intra and Extra Cellular Hydration
  • Hunza Powder provides Protection Against Oxidative Stress which causes cancer and aging.
  • Hunza Powder Increases Mitochondrial NADH production and liberates ATP to provide energy for all the organs of the body.
  • Hunza Powder Enhances Mitochondrial Membrane Potential


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