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Ionizer Models and Capacities

Bulk Colloidal Generators Models and Capacities

Prices for Industrial Ionizers 

We have organized our bulk colloidal generators into Domestic/Residential bulk colloidal generators and Commercial/Industrial bulk colloidal generators based on their capacity.

Commercial bulk colloidal generators use suspended large area 8″ x 8″ electrodes into an open bath/container, along with a small submersible stirrer 12 volt pump.

Industrial bulk colloidal generators use in-line 14″ long, 1/8″ thick bar electrodes inside multiple 3″ diameter pipes. Both use our generator controller box, up to six channels per system.

Solar and Automobile powered:  All of our bulk colloidal generators can be powered from external low voltage sources.                  

All models are suitable for such applications as drinking water, cooling towers, or swimming pools.

Industrial Models of Our Water Colloidal Controllers prices and ordering

Controller/Generator drives two of any of our metal  electrodes in each channel.
 Model Name
Click on the Model  below for more information about that product.
Maximum Average Current through electrodes.
Electrode Longevity is determined by current x time x size & weight of electrodes.
Recommended Suitable Capacity of Swimming Pool or Water Holding Tank.
Tank Size and the number of pumps  are  the major criteria for capacity selection.
Power supply Internal or External.
Both the supply and enclosure are separately listed with international approvals
0.6 amperes
5,000 gallons
External power supply
1 ampere
10,000 gallons
External or Internal
2 amperes
12,500 gallons
External or Internal
CS-3000 Industrial
3 amperes
15,000 gallons
External or Internal
CS-5000 Industrial
5 amperes
25,000 gallons
External or Internal
CS-6000 Industrial
6 amperes
40,000 gallons
External or Internal
CS-10000 Industrial
10 amperes
50,000 gallons
Internal power supply
CS-12000 Industrial
12 amperes
60,000 gallons
Internal power supply
CS-15000 Industrial
14 amperes
80,000 gallons
Internal power supply
CS2-6000 Industrial Two Channels
( We also have 4 and 6 channel models)
Two channels,
Each 6 amperes
80,000 gallons
Internal power supply

More information on industrial water purification quantities is at

Please feel free to call us for help in selecting the model which best suites your needs.

Electrodes:  Generally come as pairs of the same metal.  We supply silver, copper, gold, zinc, magnesium electrodes.  Pairs with two different metals eg: One of copper and one of silver are available, such as we supplied to a dolphin aquarium to be able adjust ratio of each metal.  Copper is used for bacteria and algae control in applications such as swimming pools and cooling towers.  Pure silver is used for purifying drinking water and has additional antiviral properties.

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