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Water Descalers and Softeners

 Electronic Water Treatment, Descaling and Softening

Electronic water softeners are units that help prevent the build up of lime scale (Calcium and Magnesium) on the inside wall of water pipes. Scale is an accumulation of mineral deposits absorbed from a well, lake or stream. By the time it reaches the user’s home, water has passed over and permeated through limestone, marble and other minerals, and has dissolved a form of calcium carbonate, commonly known as calcite. When this hard water is stationary, heated or when evaporation takes place, calcite precipitates as layers or rock-like deposits in pipes, heating elements and around fixtures and vessels.


Welcome to ScaleMaster Digital Electromagnetic Descaler and water softener for Limescale and Hard Water Fouling. This page is dedicated to our Electromagnetic & Ultrasonic Lime Scale Prevention units for the elimination of scale and microbes in water, waste water and effluents for all residential and industrial applications.  We are specialist water treatment engineers delivering engineered and serviced solutions to fouling problems by waterscale, corrosion, algae, bacteria, viruses and biofilms.

Pipe blocked by scale

ScaleMaster uses a unique and complex broad-spectrum energy form that produces an inaudible ultra-sonic impulse that changes the electrical and physical properties of the scale-forming calcium molecules.

This causes the adhesive properties of the calcium carbonate crystals and other minerals to repel rather than adhere to pipes, fixtures and remain suspended and dissolved in the water.  This action stops any further build-up of scale and because the solubility of the water is increased, existing scale is taken back into the water and gradually removed.  Installation of our disinfection and descaling units is simple and usually involves a wrap around jacket with no plumbing or cutting into pipes.

We are pleased to offer the best of Scale Prevention Systems and other non-chemical disinfecting treatments for drinking water and waste water fouling problems to all types of Industry, Commerce and the Public Sector.

Our descalers handle any commercial application from 1/4 ” up to 8? pipe size. Designed for indoor/outdoor installation. Extremely powerful, up to 20 Amps of power. Easy to install, without cutting pipes. Automatically works on 110 or 220 VAC with our internationally approved power supplies.

Our latest design incorporates static plus dynamic electro-magnetic fields with the widest range of automatic frequency sweep in the industry (from 2 kilohertz to 2 megahertz) and more recently random noise generated Spread Spectrum technology which considerably widens the range of frequencies injected into the water.

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