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Our latest innovation: Four ranges of control

Our latest innovation: Four ranges of control

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In our research lab, using different waters of widely ranging conductivities we have resolved serious problems at each extreme, where our constant current control does not fully operate.

Pure water is too resistive (less than 1 micro-siemens) to allow much current to flow.  Result is that it takes too much time to commence the process.

Hard water is too conductive (more than 50 micro-siemens) and allows too much current to flow. Result is that nanoparticle quality is compromised.

We have added to all of our commercial machines (no extra cost) a four position, COARSE range switch which now allows

  1. At the lowest current range, very low current levels in order to produce the smallest, high quality nanoparticles, even with highly conductive ground waters.
  2. At the highest current range, to deliver optimum current levels even with the purest pharmaceutical grade deionised waters.

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Dr. John Stewart

For our customers with earlier models we can offer this four position, coarse range switch in an external box that easily attaches to the output connectors.  Cost = $100 USD. Our FINE control knob still allows for fine adjustments within these four ranges. Users are advised to purchase a proper conductivity meter (not TDS) to measure the quality of your water. Cost = $140 USD or buy from Amazon.

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