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Books About Colloidal Water


Colloidal Silver: The Wonder Cure Time ForgotBook: 11 Pages. ISBN: 1-889887-03. This little handbook documents the history of Colloidal Silver and its role as an exceptional natural antibiotic. It helps the layman to understand colloidal chemistry and the production of colloidal silver today. It also details some of the many established uses for colloidal silver both past and present.
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BK-Colloidal Colloidal Silver: The Wonder Cure Time Forgot $ 5

Nature’s Silver BulletBy Dr. Howard Fisher B.Sc, B.Ed., DC. 115 pages.Also available from the author at 416-785-1211.
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BK-SILVBULLET Nature’s Silver Bullet $ 15

The New Silver SolutionBook: 49 Pages. A Complete Information Guide to Silver Solutions by Dr. Kenneth S. Friedman.
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BK-NEWSILVER The New Silver Solution $ 10


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