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Residential Colloidal Generators

Residential Colloidal Mineral Waters and Colloidal Generators

Channels:  We offer colloidal generators having one, two, four and six channels.  This allows several batches, each up to 8 litres,  to be made simultaneously, giving a total volume of 48 litres of 24 ppm silver to be made in one day.  Each batch of 5 to 8 litres can have a different metal pair of electrodes.  This is helpful when making colloidal gold which can take one or more weeks while allowing other channels to make silver, zinc, copper, magnesium etc.  Gold and Platinum are slow because they are noble metals, do not release atoms readily, and require a higher voltage of 48 volts.

For each element there is an optimal energy and frequency setting to obtain the best quality. Quality is defined by Zeta Potential and by smallest nanoparticle size (1 to 8 nm), which is controlled by the level of electrical current.  Our proprietary current control ensures that the current will not exceed the optimal level for that metal. Otherwise with increasing water conductivity, high currents  would generate large ineffective particles rather than the  atomic sizes we seek. These smallest sizes are required to inactivate vicious nanoviruses such as HIV, herpes, and prions which cause brain damage.

Absorption of Colloidal Silver:

After 20 years of using CS personally, it has become evident that it is best absorbed intra-orally and sublingually, like a Homeopathic remedy. A tablespoonful should be held in the mouth for at least one minute before swallowing, thus ensuring rapid entry into the blood-stream and through the blood-brain barrier. In an acute infection, this should be done every waking hour in human and animals. It should not be drank like a juice.


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