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Billing and Payment Information

 Billing and Payment Information


Transfer Funds through

We are authorised members who will accept credit cards.

PayPal is offering user-friendly Accounts. Once you open your FREE account, you can SEND and RECEIVE Money in “real-time” all over the World, pay your bills online, purchase products and services, and manage your money maintaining 100% Anonymity.
How to Send Money

With a PayPal Account you can send money to anyone with an email address in all of 213 countries of the world.

Just enter the recipient’s email address and the amount you wish to send. Alternatively we can e-mail you an invoiced link from our Paypal account.

The PayPal Personal Account is a Web-based account for consumers worldwide, useful for purchasing a wide variety of goods and services from merchants worldwide that accept PayPal as a method of payment (“Authorized Merchants”).

“Personal Account” or “Account” means that account that is personal to you created by us in order to allow you to purchase a wide variety of goods and services from numerous Authorized Merchants worldwide and to keep track of the balance via the Internet.

Once you have funds in your PayPal account, you can transfer any amount to another PayPal Account holder. Transfers are conducted in “real time” as soon as you clicked the ‘submit’ icon the funds will be withdrawn from your account and will be deposited into the recipients account.

It is not important if the receiving User has activated its Account with the national currency you are about the transfer, this sub account will automatically get activated.

Miscellaneous !

After the Transfer is successfully processed the system will show a confirmation page on your screen.

You need to know the PayPal e-mail address of the recipient and remember; PayPal Transfers are irrevocable.

Both transmitter and recipient of the funds will receive an email notification.

Shipping, Mailing and Postage:

Xpresspost™ – International is a shipping service from Canada for documents, packets and parcels that provides fast, guaranteed delivery – at a cost much less than courier – to participating countries via the EMS worldwide delivery network. For a list of available countries, please see Xpresspost – International zone table. If you need to ship an item and don’t want to pay for costly courier service, Xpresspost – International is your smart alternative. This service is for consumers that need a faster, guaranteed delivery service but want to control their costs. We ship to any country in the World.

Xpresspost™ – U.S.A. is a shipping service for documents, packets and parcels that provides fast, guaranteed delivery – at a cost much less than courier – to every address in the U.S.A., including P.O. boxes.


Biophysica’s Paypal ID is our e-mail address:

Biophysica Inc.
133 Hillmount Avenue
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M6B 1X7

Our Technical Support Hotline, Phone: 1-647-478-6946 
or Toll Free 1-800-488-2032 from Canada, US and Territories
(10am to 10pm Eastern Standard Time)