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Dr. Stewart. Colloidal generator Latest Improvements – New Products Dec 2019

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Latest Improvements:   December, 2019

Latest Improvements to our Biophysica Generators:   December, 2019 (These improvements apply to our commercial units and to a certain degree to our domestic units  )

Pictured below, Biophysica’s new High-Voltage, High-Power Commercial two channel Generator.

1) Power and Ohm’s law: We have upgraded the supply voltage of our commercial models from 48v to 140v in order to more effectively process highly purified low conductivity water (such as distilled water, RO, etc.) and to significantly speed up the commercial production of large volumes. These new advanced models feature constant current which can be adjusted by the operator within the range 15-300 milliamperes.

Another improvement in our design allows for adjusting the distance between the electrodes which gives yet, more flexibility in achieving the desired target current depending on the type of water available.

Higher currents are available in our industrial models for swimming pools, cooling towers, hospitals and hotels, cattle, poultry and fish farms.

2) Meter: We have included a new digital meter on the front panel of the generator to indicate electrode current in milliamperes passing through the two electrodes. This gives a direct indication of the ability of your water to conduct electricity at a safe level for highest quality, which is 1-2 milliamperes per square inch of electrode surface area.

3) Diluting:  Do not dilute the final Colloidal product with any kind of water.  We have discovered that mixing in unstructured water destroys the fine structure and Zeta Potential of the hexagonal structured colloidal water.

4) Electrode Mounting:       2 Extra outlets per channel allows an extra pair of electrodes to be mounted very close together to reduce the electrical resistance.  This allows more current to flow and to process distilled and other pure waters.

Our newly designed electrode mounting crossbar offers the added flexibility of extra electrode outlets which allows changing/controlling the distance between electrodes, when the distance is reduced more current will flow, when the distance between the electrodes is enlarged/widened less current will flow. This will aid in speeding up the process in low conductivity waters such as distilled and/or achieving the absolute highest quality Colloidal Silver (and other colloidal metal/mineral waters) by widening the distance to the maximum available. Your resulting current will be a function of the current control position on the generator, the type of water used, the distance between the electrodes and electrode area.

5) Productivity:  Much depends on the area of the electrodes. Our 2” x 6”  and   6” x 8” sheets of solid silver, gold, zinc,  magnesium etc will determine how much and how long the process will take, while still ensuring the highest quality. We cannot drive the metals with more than 1 to 2 milliamperes (mA) of current per square inch of electrode surface to ensure the smallest range of nanoparticle size, down to mono-atomic to pass the blood-brain barrier. Larger area allows larger current to safely provide faster, larger volumes. For example our 2” x 6”  domestic electrodes should be driven at 10 milliamperes to get 1 ppm per hour, whereas our 6” x 8” commercial electrodes can be safely driven at 50 mA to obtain 4 -5 times faster productivity.

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Dr. John Stewart

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