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Using a Biophysica Inc. Colloidal Generator Off-Grid

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This post is for customers who are planning to be spending time off-grid such as, having a vacation in the wild, in rural areas, staying away from home in places without electricity or clean water, preppers, survivalists and more.

Biophysica Inc. has been manufacturing Colloidal Generators for over twenty years now.
Ranging from our domestic models geared towards colloidal waters production from the single-family consumption through our commercial and industrial models that can produce hundreds and even thousands of gallons of colloidal waters.

For both the occasional off-grid travel, camping and possibly longer term off-grid life style I would like to remind you that most of our generators run on a 12Volt power supply. That means that right off the shelf our generator can be powered directly from a vehicle using the “cigarette lighter” accessory to produce high quality colloidal waters while away from home and away from the electrical grid. Our generators will work in RVs and boats equipped with 12Volt power supply as well, please make sure that your system is a 12Volt system as connecting a Biophysica Inc. generator to a higher voltage source will damage it.

You can also run your Biophysica Inc. generator from a 12Volt solar panel kit for the ultimate off-grid conditions. I will demonstrate in our next video how I run our Colloidal Generator directly from a rechargeable battery powered by a solar panel. I will also explain how to source out a kit or components to put together a solar panel system to power a Biophysica Inc. domestic generator and some of our commercial models.

Note that our domestic models consume the lowest amount of electricity so they are the best candidate for off-grid colloidal waters production.

A new custom feature for our domestic models is a motor disabling Switch for extremely low-power consumption (very little sun, overcast days and extremely cloudy conditions).

I will also demonstrate our external range tuner adapter box to deal with extremely conductive water you might have to use from wells, springs, rivers etc.

Note that the water you use needs to be drinkable to start with. There are plenty of filter systems available to purify just about just about any kind of water you will find while you are off-grid.

Whether you only use Colloidal Silver for its health enhancing qualities or also produce other colloidal metals/minerals such as Colloidal Zinc, Colloidal Magnesium, Colloidal Iron, Colloidal Copper and Colloidal Gold to be used as high quality nutritional supplements, imagine being able to reliably produce those in off-grid conditions.

Remember the antiseptic quality of some of the colloidal waters, those should be used when off-grid to disinfect your wild food sources such as fruit, vegetables, meat etc. Colloidal Silver is also very effective dressing wounds.

I will also talk about purifying water with Copper/Silver ionization that can add another layer of safety when you are unsure about the quality of your drinking water source.

The video presentation will be posted within about a week.

Feel free to contact me personally with any questions.
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Keep healthy and safe.

Dr. John Stewart

Our latest innovation: Four ranges of control

Our latest innovation: Four ranges of control

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In our research lab, using different waters of widely ranging conductivities we have resolved serious problems at each extreme, where our constant current control does not fully operate.

Pure water is too resistive (less than 1 micro-siemens) to allow much current to flow.  Result is that it takes too much time to commence the process.

Hard water is too conductive (more than 50 micro-siemens) and allows too much current to flow. Result is that nanoparticle quality is compromised.

We have added to all of our commercial machines (no extra cost) a four position, COARSE range switch which now allows

  1. At the lowest current range, very low current levels in order to produce the smallest, high quality nanoparticles, even with highly conductive ground waters.
  2. At the highest current range, to deliver optimum current levels even with the purest pharmaceutical grade deionised waters.

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Dr. John Stewart

For our customers with earlier models we can offer this four position, coarse range switch in an external box that easily attaches to the output connectors.  Cost = $100 USD. Our FINE control knob still allows for fine adjustments within these four ranges. Users are advised to purchase a proper conductivity meter (not TDS) to measure the quality of your water. Cost = $140 USD or buy from Amazon.

PPM Per Hour

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There are 8 factors which unpredictably affect the production of colloidal mineral waters. The electrolysis process is powered by current per square inch at the surface of the electrodes, which for highest quality should not exceed 1 milliampere (mA) per SQINCH. Lower currents levels will unduly prolong the process, but will give you higher quality. Through our 12/7 hotline, we can support you to master this “winemaking like” process.

  1. Applied Voltage. Higher voltage helps during the rising phase, and overcomes the resistance of pure water (Ohm’s Law) Current = Voltage/Resistance = Voltage x Conductivity.  Our higher voltage generators allow for very rapid rise of initial current up to your final desired plateau level, so as to speed up the productivity.
  2. Current in mA. Current is what does the work of etching off atoms from the metal plates.
  3. Conductivity of water in microsiemens (uS). Purest water will initially have very low conductivity (High resistance).
    As more atoms are released, water conductivity rises, so more current can flow to release more atoms. Conductivity is an indirect indicator of PPM (1 PPM = 1.2 uS). Keep a record of microsiemens levels at first and as the process continues. Subtract the initial measurement from your current measurement to obtain the difference.
  4. Nature and source of water. Not all distilled waters are the same. Most are Ozonated.
  5. Volume of container. Bigger volumes require longer time to fully charge to your desired level of PPM.
  6. Electrode area. Bigger areas can be safely charge at higher maximum current levels, such as up to 100 mA with 6” x 8” plates.
  7. Separation distance of electrodes. Closer plates (such as 0.5 inches) will provide greater conductivity and will allow higher currents  during the rising phase. Then allow more separation such as 1 inch.
  8. Temperature of water. Water conductivity increases dramatically with higher temperatures.

Time(approximate) to reach 25 ppm once you have overcome the rising phase, and achieved continuous target microsiemens plateau current level of 2 milliamperes per square inch of electrode area in various volumes of water. Initial current will be much lower due to low conductivity of distilled water (Ohm’s law). Our more powerful generators have higher voltages to overcome this initial resistance
For higher quality, (smaller nanoparticles), use 1 rather than 2 milliamperes per square inch of electrode area, which will double the processing time.

Electrode, inches Area, SQINS Current Range (min-max) 1 Gallon
at 25 PPM
2 Gallon at 25 PPM 3 Gallon at 25 PPM 5 Gallon at 25 PPM 10 Gallon at 25 PPM 20 Gallon at 25 PPM 50 Gallon at 25 PPM
1 x 6 6 6-12 mA 60 hrs 120 hrs 180 hrs 300 hrs 600 hrs 1200 hrs 3000 hrs
2 x 6 12 12-24 mA 2 PPM/hr
= 12 hrs
1PPM/hr = 25 hrs 36 hrs 60 hrs 120 hrs 240 hrs 600 hrs
6 x 8 48 48-96 mA 8 PPM/hr
= 3 hrs
4 PPM/hr = 6–8 hrs 9 hrs 15 hrs 30 hrs 60 hrs 150 hrs
6 x 12 72 36-144 mA 12 PPM/hr =
2 hrs
6 PPM/hr
= 4 hrs
6 hrs 10 hrs 20 hrs 40 hrs 100 hrs

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Adding frequencies to colloidal silver production

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Biophysica is now offering an advanced custom modification for its commercial models to include a built-in frequency generator in your colloidal generator. The addition of frequencies has been found to enhance ion and nanoparticle effectiveness and longevity. This feature allows the user to modulate the current outputs to the electrodes by a specific chosen frequency.The user can choose, at the time of ordering, from a wide range of frequencies already recognized to have unique healing qualities. For example any of the Royal Rife frequencies to embed the colloidal solution with a frequency that targets a specific condition or know to achieve a certain goal or a predictable benefit. Automatic frequency sweep is included. This feature covers a small range of frequencies thus capturing a wider range than a single frequency could.A special input (audio) can be added for external sources of frequencies or more complex audio such as music or specific tones, Please call us for consultation if you are interested in exploring an opportunity to explore the expansion of what is possible using colloidals generated by our generators

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Dr. John Stewart

Dr. Stewart. Colloidal Silver & Corona Virus 2 Feb 2020


In recent decades the world has experienced a number of epidemics such as the Bird Flu, Swine Flu, MERS and SARS. This trend is approaching pandemic proportions with recent news about the “killer Chinese coronavirus”, 2019-nCoV, recently renamed ‘Covid-19’ by the WHO. It is vitally important to investigate methods of mitigating and treating this disease, beyond or in addition to conventional microbiology and laboratory vaccine developments. Colloidal silver is the way, since it can be used effectively as both a remedy and a preventive.

Viruses such as the Coronavirus (Covid-19) are very small, sub-microscopic entities that are about 1,000 times smaller than bacteria. A virus must have a host cell or bacteria in which to live and make more viruses. Viruses cannot function outside a host cell and are opportunistic in looking for a cell to invade. They can enter the body through the nose, mouth or breaks in the skin. However, the Coronavirus preferentially seeks out lung cells.

Upon entering the lung cells, the Covid-19 virus particle attaches to a host cell and releases genetic instructions into the cell that interacts with the host cell’s enzymes to make new virus particles. These newly created viruses can break out of the cell and are free to infect other parts of the body. Collidal-silver is an effective method of neutralizing or in fact killing the Coronavirus. Collidal-silver reacts with the oxygen-metabolizing enzyme in the cell wall, effectively blocking its ability to receive oxygen that rapidly kills the self-replicating process of the virus – the virus has effectively been asphyxiated.

Collidal-silver can be used as a remedy, as described above in killing the Coronavirus. An effective way of doing this is through inhalation, since the Coronavirus selectively seeks lung cells. Collidal-silver water can be used in nebulizers, atomizers and ultrasonic humidifiers to produce a fine mist of moist, silver-laden air for inhalation into the lungs. Depending on the device, the face and nose can be positioned close to the source of the mist, or some devices have special masks and fittings to place over the nose. Breathe deeply and inhale the Collidal-silver laden mist in an effort to kill or mitigate the virus.

Internal use – ingestion, take one tablespoon or 15 mL each morning and night. Allow the silver suspension to stay in the mouth, swish it around and let it reside under the tongue (sub-lingually) for at least one or two minutes.

For acute conditions, take more frequently. It is important to drink at least six glasses of pure water daily to assist in the elimination of destroyed pathogens.

Collidal-silver can also be used as a preventive measure for topical use as a spray in a convenient finger-pump spray bottle. Apply directly to cuts, cold sores, burns, open sores and other lesions. Collidal-silver works best when placed in contact with the source of infection. Spray on hands and face, and surfaces for disinfection.

For external use, spray, wash or immerse masks, wound dressings, handkerchiefs, clothing and endotracheal tubes in silver water to disinfect them. Food packaging – silver helps to extend shelf life of foods and fight bacteria around the food, and disinfects water and other beverages.

Collidal-silver has no adverse contra-indications or side effects, and does not interfere with other medicines. Silver-resistant strains of pathogens are not known to develop or exist. Can be used for adults, children, babies, pets and animals. Many people do not hear about Colloidal or Collidal-silver since this remarkable treatment is considered a “natural”, unpatentable method that is not in the interests of the pharmaceutical industry.

Biophysica Inc. has been designing and manufacturing health-related and environmental products since 1998. Biophysica offers a broad range of colloidal (nano-) silver (and other metal) generators for every type of disinfection and treatment application. There are a number of characteristics about the manufacture and use of colloidal silver to consider. A very important characteristic is particle size. The general term “colloidal” typically means a particle size range of less than one micrometre (1 µm or 10-6 m), suspended in a liquid. However, recent manufacturing technology permits the silver particles to be even smaller – in the “nano-“ range, where one nanometre is one thousandth of a micrometre (1 nm or 10-9 m). It is important to have a silver particle size range of less than 10 nm to ensure a stable, consistent, high purity suspension, and for disinfection efficacy.

It is also important to have this small size range so that the Collidal -silver can pass through the blood-brain-barrier (BBB) – a highly selective semi-permeable border that separates the circulating blood from the brain and extracellular fluid in the central nervous system. This permits treating brain disorders such as meningitis and other diseases with Collidal -silver, where regular antibiotics cannot penetrate.


  • Particle size – the typical particle size of Biophysica colloidal generators is consistently less than 10 nanometres, confirmed by laboratory analysis with electron microscopy.
  • High voltage, high power – 90 to 220 V to deliver electrical current through a wide range of hard and soft waters of different conductivities for the fast production of consistent silver and other metal particle suspensions. Nano-particle concentrations up to 50 parts per million (ppm) can be selectively produced. Consistent high Zeta Potential (electrostatic charge on particles, in millivolts) means stable, long-term suspensions.
  • Many different models with selectable area electrodes for different production rates. The electrodes are plates, rather than wires, to allow greater volumetric productivity. Electrode areas available from six square inches for small personal systems, up to 48 square inches for commercial and industrial systems.
  • Many different mineral nano-particle suspensions, such as silver, gold, iron, copper, magnesium, zinc, tin, platinum and palladium can be produced, with metal purities up to 99.99%. It is also possible to have multi-channel systems to produce multi-element suspensions.
  • Biophysica Colloidal Silver Generators produce elemental silver rather than ionic silver, which does not react with other ions and precipitate, and does not result in Argyria, the blue/grey discoloration of the skin from large doses of ionic silver.

BIOPHYSICA’s broad range of Colloidal Mineral Generators covers personal and domestic applications up to large scale commercial and industrial utilization.

Pictured high power/ high capacity Biophysica commercial colloidal generator with large area zinc, magnesium, iron and copper electrodes for high volume production of different colloidal minerals/metals.

Biophysica colloidal are the most versatile in the market and are capable of producing a wide range of colloidal waters as well as colloidal silver/gold.

Dr. Stewart. Colloidal Silver & Corona Virus Feb 2020

Welcome to my Blog,

The best way to protect yourself from both the flu and coronavirus is basic science. There are now many hundreds of university and hospital research studies showing how silver-based mineral water rapidly inactivates most viruses. Silver mineral water should supplement our daily diet, not only to provide our daily requirement of 0.3 milligrams of silver ions (same trace amount as copper) to support our immune systems, but also to protect ourselves from a wide range of dangerous organisms.  Every family should have their own silver water colloidal generator which can produce not only silver but also ions of all the essential metals such as zinc, magnesium, iron, copper, gold. Biophysica has developed a new multi-mineral colloidal generator which can simultaneously produce mineral waters of all of these important metals.

 “University Study Shows Ionic Silver Effective Against SARS; Supports Previous Research Findings on SARS Virus”, during a laboratory study conducted by the University of Arizona. This verifies previous studies that antimicrobial solutions based on ionic silver can continuously inhibit the growth of bacteria, mold and fungus.

Please watch this Video and pay attention at the 22 minute-mark.
If you don’t have time just watch from the 22 minute-mark.
There is a reference there to the efficacy of colloidal silver/gold combination (we call it Electrum) with the coronavirus.
Please contact me directly with any questions on colloidal silver/gold generators here.

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Dr. John Stewart

Dr. Stewart. Colloidal generator Latest Improvements – New Products Dec 2019

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Latest Improvements:   December, 2019

Latest Improvements to our Biophysica Generators:   December, 2019 (These improvements apply to our commercial units and to a certain degree to our domestic units  )

Pictured below, Biophysica’s new High-Voltage, High-Power Commercial two channel Generator.

1) Power and Ohm’s law: We have upgraded the supply voltage of our commercial models from 48v to 140v in order to more effectively process highly purified low conductivity water (such as distilled water, RO, etc.) and to significantly speed up the commercial production of large volumes. These new advanced models feature constant current which can be adjusted by the operator within the range 15-300 milliamperes.

Another improvement in our design allows for adjusting the distance between the electrodes which gives yet, more flexibility in achieving the desired target current depending on the type of water available.

Higher currents are available in our industrial models for swimming pools, cooling towers, hospitals and hotels, cattle, poultry and fish farms.

2) Meter: We have included a new digital meter on the front panel of the generator to indicate electrode current in milliamperes passing through the two electrodes. This gives a direct indication of the ability of your water to conduct electricity at a safe level for highest quality, which is 1-2 milliamperes per square inch of electrode surface area.

3) Diluting:  Do not dilute the final Colloidal product with any kind of water.  We have discovered that mixing in unstructured water destroys the fine structure and Zeta Potential of the hexagonal structured colloidal water.

4) Electrode Mounting:       2 Extra outlets per channel allows an extra pair of electrodes to be mounted very close together to reduce the electrical resistance.  This allows more current to flow and to process distilled and other pure waters.

Our newly designed electrode mounting crossbar offers the added flexibility of extra electrode outlets which allows changing/controlling the distance between electrodes, when the distance is reduced more current will flow, when the distance between the electrodes is enlarged/widened less current will flow. This will aid in speeding up the process in low conductivity waters such as distilled and/or achieving the absolute highest quality Colloidal Silver (and other colloidal metal/mineral waters) by widening the distance to the maximum available. Your resulting current will be a function of the current control position on the generator, the type of water used, the distance between the electrodes and electrode area.

5) Productivity:  Much depends on the area of the electrodes. Our 2” x 6”  and   6” x 8” sheets of solid silver, gold, zinc,  magnesium etc will determine how much and how long the process will take, while still ensuring the highest quality. We cannot drive the metals with more than 1 to 2 milliamperes (mA) of current per square inch of electrode surface to ensure the smallest range of nanoparticle size, down to mono-atomic to pass the blood-brain barrier. Larger area allows larger current to safely provide faster, larger volumes. For example our 2” x 6”  domestic electrodes should be driven at 10 milliamperes to get 1 ppm per hour, whereas our 6” x 8” commercial electrodes can be safely driven at 50 mA to obtain 4 -5 times faster productivity.

Thanks for visiting and Happy Holidays.

Dr. John Stewart

Dr. Stewart. Electron Microscope Lab-Test Nanoparticle Size Confirmation Aug 2018

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Electron Microscope Lab-Test Nanoparticle Size Confirmation.

Biophysica generated Colloidal Silver particle size is once again Laboratory confirmed to be the smallest in the business. In Colloidal Silver science smaller particle size is better, particles larger in size than 20nm  have much lower efficacy and may actually be harmful.

Colloidal Silver generated using small surface area as in wire or rods contains particles larger than 20 NM this is why we use large surface area electrodes. 

We recently sent a sample of our colloidal silver to a professional independent lab for size analysis (TEM).
The TEM report confirms that our nanoparticle size ranges from mono-atomic up to 10 nm.
Medical literature confirms that molecules larger than 20 nm cannot pass through the barriers that protect most organs especially the brain.
Here is the report with the Electron Microscope captured images.

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Dr. John Stewart


Welcome to my Blog,

I just added a new article highlighting the advantage Biophysica colloidal generators have over most others and bringing you some relevant scientific information.

To your and your family’s health!

Dr. John Stewart


The cheap, fast, dirty way to make colloidal silver.

By Dr John Stewart M.B., Ch.B., B.A. Sc.  5 August, 2018

INTRODUCTION: Most commercial Colloidal mineral waters, such as Colloidal Silver and Colloidal Gold,  are now  made by high voltage spark submerged under water because it is fast, efficient and low cost, because thin wires are used instead of the large area anode plates used by Biophysica, the leading professional electrolytic producer.  However a recent review of ESD Spark publications reveals that the resulting quality is significantly less than the gentle electrolysis method. Making nanoparticles smaller than 20 nm presents a formidable challenge that few can accomplish, but many claim.. Only an independent professional lab analysis can reveal the truth.


Historically in the preparation of nano-scale minerals, various chemicals were mixed to precipitate the small particles out of the solution. Now we have only two methods for the production of particles down to almost atomic size.
1) ESD.  In the ESD method, an electric arc is created with a very high voltage under water which melts the tips of the metal wires, exploding them into fine micro-particles having an average size of 100 nm (0.1 microns).
2) Electrolysis.  With our electrolysis method a pulsed DC voltage is applied between a  large area anode and cathode, made of the pure chosen metal.  Atoms are thus gently drawn off  from the anode (positive plate) and are swept into the bulk before being able to be deposited on the cathode (negative plate).


With this gentle method, independent lab results have confirmed that we obtain 1 part per million (ppm) per hour with a range of the finest nano-particles from 8 nanometers down to mono-atomic size and a very high  ZP of -60 millivolts.  PPM rises  to a saturation ceiling of 50 ppm where no more ZP charge can be carried.  Values of ppm reported by some manufacturers to be higher than 50 ppm, yellow or red color, would indicate that ZP is very low and particles are very large.  With slow, gentle  electrolysis method, the resulting colloidal water is clear and retains its potency for several years.  Many users buy their own Biophysica generator to make colloidal silver and other colloidal minerals at home at a fraction of the cost of commercially-sold liquid of dubious quality.

ZETA  POTENTIAL:  ZP is an electrical charge, well described in Wikipedia and is the measure of excellence of a colloid.  The molecular sized particles in a colloidal suspension carry an alkaline negative electrical charge (ZP) which is the most important particle characteristic because it determines many of the properties of the suspension. It is balanced by an opposite sign in the surrounding solution.  If the repulsion between approaching particles is large enough they will bounce away from one another and that will keep the particles in a state of suspension, up to the saturation maximum of 50 ppm.  If the ZP is too low (less than 20 millivolts), repulsive forces will not be strong enough, the particles will come together and may stick in a permanent diatom, then other particles may come along and also be caught in the growing aggregate. The suspension is then unstable and the aggregates will quickly settle out from the surrounding medium.  The ZP charges on the particle surface are normally attached to it very firmly as part of a structured hexagonal matrix and will remain there more or less indefinitely, even when diluted in the body of humans or animals, unless disturbed by mixing with unstructured water.  The higher the value of the zeta potential, the more stable the system will be. That means it will be better able to withstand additions of salt (which might otherwise destabilize it).

The two important measures of quality and efficacy of a colloid are nano-particle size and Zeta Potential (ZP).  Particle size made with the ESD method is larger, having an average size of around 100 nm and the smallest around 20-50 nm, far too large a range to pass the blood-organ barriers and therefore unable to combat infections in vital organs.  For example, the BloodBrain Barrier (BBB) is composed of a network of vessels that form a physical, electrostatic and chemical barrier between the brain and blood circulation. Most other organs have their own analogous protective barrier which can be easily damaged by a virus.  Diseases of the  retina, testis, ovary, prostate, kidney, liver, thymus, thyroid, placenta, pancreas are likely mostly caused by an invading virus which targets that specific organ then paves the way for subsequent bacterial growth. Even obesity is thought to be initiated by an adenovirus.
Large molecules, like chemotherapy drugs, antidepressants,  most antibiotics such as penicillin, do not pass through the BBB easily.  These barriers have evolved to prevent transport of bacteria, large molecules, and most small molecules bigger than 20 nm into the brain or organ.  Certain conditions such as mental stress, aging, viral or traumatic inflammation compromise the barrier increasing its permeability. Certain bacteria, although too large, can penetrate because of their rotating spiral structure (spirochaetes) which allows them to act like a power drill. These enter the brain and cause syphilis (Treponema), Lyme (Borrelia) and Leptospirosis.

Even with well maintained lab equipment the best ESD results fall outside of the desired effective range both for smallest particle size and for ZP.  Reported ESD best values for ZP is 30 millivolts (mv) instead of our 60 mv.  ZP  must be more than 30 mv to ensure stability of the nano-particles, otherwise particles agglomerate and fall to the bottom in a few days.

HEXAGONAL STRUCTURED WATER:  Structured water (SW) stores electron energy and has been shown to be antioxidant, more hydrating and can reverse certain biological markers of oxidative stress and aging,  SW water molecules join together in hexagonally structured single layer sheets which are flexible . All of the water in your body is structured water.  Energized structured water recharges the ATP battery of the body. When the body has sufficient energy, its aqueous interior is highly charged allowing for optimized cellular and metabolic function in addition to greater hydration and detoxification at a mitochondrial level.

QUANTUM EFFECTS:  Worthy of mention is the fact that when dimensions are less than 20 nm Quantum phenomena begin to become important. Such effects we might expect from our nanoparticles are:

  1. Tunneling through an unsurmountable barrier, such as bacterial membranes, biofilm.
  2. Non-locality or action at a distance by remote resonance.
  3. Bose-Einstein Condensate where all particles are in coherent alignment like a laser beam
  4. Wave-particle duality. An infinity of possibilities exist before the wave collapses.
  5. Observer Effect and interactions with Consciousness and the power of Intention on the hexagonal crystalline matrix.

COLLOIDAL GENERATORSBiophysica colloidal generators have largest area pure metal plates (up to 6 x 8 inches), constant controlled current, alternating reverse polarity, Mobius Coil, magnetic vortex using Neodymium magnet, high frequency pulsing (switching current on and off thousands of times per second)  as used in the electro-plating industry and  results in a very fine mono-atomic deposit.  The resulting mineral waters have hexagonal structure, highest bioavailability, nanometer size particles, colour is clear with no turbidity, highest total particle surface, highest Zeta Potential and potency against spirochetes, viruses, prions, yeasts, molds, fungus, algae which are more difficult to eliminate.

CONCLUSION   ESD and other techniques using thin wire or rod anodes make colloids of  borderline quality and although effective against some gram positive organisms are less effective against Gram negative bacteria like e coli, viruses and prions and are totally unable to enter the BBB because of their large size.  The pulsed low voltage electrolysis method used by Biophysica, when done slowly and gently, can provide a quality that far surpasses the ESD method.

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  3. Getting Drugs Past the Blood-Brain Barrier: has 16 references. The gram-negative bacteria are more difficult to treat due to their outer membrane.  They  include Escherichia coli, PseudomonasNeisseria gonorrhoeaeChlamydia trachomatis, and Yersinia pestis.
  4. The Blood–Brain Barrier has a size-selective permeability to uncharged molecules of up to 4 nm, and then low permeability to larger molecules Cold Spring Harb Perspect Biol. 2015 Jan; 7(1):
  5. Is a Virus Causing Obesity: Evidence is growing that people who are overweight may have a virus to blame, New Scientist, 28 July, 2018
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  7. The Fourth Phase of Water: Dr. Gerald Pollack and Hexagonal Structured Water Science, Reveals a hidden hexagonal lattice structure, alkaline pH and electrical potential. This University of Washington professor of bioengineering, has developed a theory of water that has been called revolutionary.
  8. The Importance of Structured Water to Health is a real phenomenon that can be clearly seen under a microscope.
  9. Silver nanoparticles: the powerful nanoweapon against multidrug?resistant bacteria, Over 70 references, February 2012, Journal of Applied Microbiology
  10. New Structured Silver: A New Fighting Chance by Dr Gordon Pedersen
  11. The Observer Effectcollapses wave functions into particles
  12. The observer effectis the theory that simply observing a situation or phenomenon necessarily changes that phenomenon. Even observing the results after the photon is produced leads to collapsing the wave function (retro-active causation)


Biophysica colloidal generators are made in Canada and can be seen at

Dr. Stewart. Video-Biophysica Colloidal Silver Generators, general overview May 2018

Welcome to my Blog,


I just added a new video titled
Biophysica Colloidal Silver Generators, general overview may 2018 
Please click link to watch.

It gives the viewer a quick overview on our range of colloidal silver generators.
Biophysica produces the most advanced colloidal generators available. These generators not only produce the highest quality colloidal silver (lab tested and confirmed), they are also capable of producing a dozen other colloidal waters such as colloidal gold, colloidal magnesium and many more which the competition is simply not capable of.

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Dr. John Stewart

Dr. Stewart. What does Dr. Joel Wallach say about colloidal minerals? Mar 2018

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Question: What does Dr. Joel Wallach say about colloidal minerals?

Answer: Dr Joel Wallach believes colloidal minerals have special cosmic properties and a negative Zeta Potential charge that help the body process and absorb nutrients and vitamins from food sources and that these minerals have an anti-oxidant effect by releasing free electrons and also attract viruses, bacteria, toxins and heavy metals and flush them from the body. He claims these colloidal properties exceed the benefits of chemical compound formulations, more easily penetrate cell and mitochondrial membranes and blood-brain barrier and lead to improved health. All body fluids are colloidal.

Of the 60 minerals recommended by Dr Wallach, Biophysica sells 99.99% pure large area electrodes of silver, gold, magnesium, zinc, copper, platinum, palladium, tin, titanium, carbon, steel

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Dr. John Stewart

Dr. Stewart. New Electrode Sizes Mar 2018

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New Electrode Sizes:   We can now obtain most of the popular metals in any size up to 8“x 8“ with purity of 99.99%.  We recently sourced  custom rolled large area Magnesium and Zinc which have been very difficult and costly to obtain with the 99.99% purity we demand (99.95% is readily available but is not pure enough).


Dr. John Stewart

Dr. Stewart. Concentration of Colloidal Silver Feb 2018

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Concentration:  I prefer to use CS for ingesting and for topical use at a concentration of 48-50 ppm. Using a 2 gallon container and 2“x 6“ electrodes over 48 hours, I get 1 ppm per hour.  For the highest quality smallest almost monoatomic nanoparticles, turn the nanometer size knob to the lowest level.

Conversion table percent to ppm

Percent (%)



1 ppm


10 ppm


100 ppm


1000 ppm


10000 ppm

1 percent = 10000 ppm

One ppm is equivalent to 1 milligram per liter of water (mg/l) or 1 microgram per ml

1ppm = 0.0001% So to convert from ppm to percent, divide the ppm by 10000

Our 50 ppm colloidal silver contains 50 micrograms per ml, so that a minimal daily requirement of silver or copper would be 10 ml which = one third of an ounce = 2 teaspoonfulls

One tablespoonful = 0.5 ounces = 15 ml

Dr. John Stewart


Dr. Stewart. Dental infections Feb 2018

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Dental infections can cause cancer and more. Only daily colloidal silver can penetrate deep inside the cells to protect us.  97% of all terminal cancer patients previously had a recent root canal procedure.  Root-canaled teeth are essentially “dead” teeth that can become silent incubators for highly toxic anaerobic bacteria that can make their way into your bloodstream to cause a number of serious medical conditions, many not appearing until decades later.  Many chronic degenerative diseases, including Alzheimer’s, originate from infected teeth and gums, the most frequent being heart, brain, joints and circulatory diseases.  16 different causative bacterial agents have been found for these conditions and most can cross the blood-brain barrier (BBB).  Most antibiotic molecules are too large (over 20 nm) to cross the BBB.  Highest quality small colloidal silver nanoparticles can.

Dr. John Stewart


The Secret Poison in Your Mouth: Banish the Hidden Cause (oral bacteriaof Cancer, Heart Disease, Arthritis, MS,  Chronic Fatigue, Take Colloidal Silver daily, by M.L. Sarlin, book available on

Dr. Stewart. Electrodes, Silver protects against Alzheimer’s Disease Dec 2017

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Electrodes:  We have now found a supplier for our electrode plugs, made of pure copper 2 mm (0.08 inches) diameter, plated with 24K gold for maximum signal transfer, durability, retention and resistance to corrosion. These are longer and will stay in the receptacle and not fallout easily. We solder each plug to a long copper stalk which is soldered to the electrode, then we insulate the assembly with food-grade epoxy. When inserting or removing our electrode from the generator, grasp the plug end (not electrode end) to pull or push in a straight line without bending which could break the plug or the epoxy. All of our electrodes are of 99.99% purity. We always stock electrodes of silver, gold, copper, zinc, magnesium, tin, iron, titanium, platinum, palladium, carbon, steel.

Silver protects against Alzheimer’s Disease:  More articles are appearing which connect Alzheimers with long-term bacterial or viral infections and genetic predisposition. Organisms responsible include Borrelia (Lyme), herpes, Chlamydia, all of which can be inactivated by Colloidal Silver. We all should be taking our minimal daily requirement of silver of 300 micrograms.  However CS quality is important. Nanoparticles of CS must be small enough (less than 20 nm)  to pass through the blood-brain barrier and have strong enough Zeta Potential to inactivate the vicious pico-viruses and prions (Mad Cow Disease). Our professional colloidal generators produce the highest Zeta Potential in our industry.

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1) Brain Infection and Alzheimer’s Disease Pathology: Emerging evidence links bacterial or viral infection with the neuropathology of Alzheimer’s disease. By Jill U. Adams | September 1, 2017

2) Alzheimer’s may be able to spread through blood transfusions: A lot of researchers fear that it’s an infectious protein, 31 October 2017


Dr. Stewart. Septicaemia, E.coli and Antibiotics vs Colloidal Silver Oct 2017

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Hugh Hefner died, perhaps unnecessarily, of septicaemia, which is a severe blood infection, due to resistant organisms which might have been resolved using our colloidal silver. The organism which killed him was the gram-negative pathogen E.coli, now well known to be resistant to all available mainstream antibiotics, but has been shown to be inactivated by colloidal silver.

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Dr. John Stewart


Global antibiotic resistance killing thousands: Natural alternatives, such as colloidal silver, only viable medicine left especially against gram-negative pathogens October 03, 2017

Colloidal silver better than antibiotics, November 13, 2009

World is RUNNING OUT of antibiotics: Health leaders warn of ‘global emergency’ as patients develop a growing resistance to drugs which could jeopardise progress in modern medicine, Read more:


Dr. Stewart. Zeta Potential Mar 2017

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We know that Colloidal Silver effectiveness is very dependent on the electrical charge on each nanoparticle, called Zeta Potential.  Recent colloidal research from King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) is revealing how nanoparticles work as catalysts to inactivate viruses and bacteria. We at Biophysica for several years have included high frequency waveforms in our technology to produce a range of the smallest nanoparticles down to mono-atomic size in order to combat the most vicious small viruses which cause brain damage.  However, it now appears that this range must include slightly larger particles carrying a specific optimal number of atoms unique to each colloidal mineral, which for silver is 25. According to KAUST “Nanoparticles with an atomically precise number of constituent atoms have properties based on the particular number of atoms of each individual nanoparticle with unique energetic states and catalytic properties. These atomically precise nanoclusters are the key to understanding catalysis. This allows the clusters to remain in an energetically excited state for a long time whereby the electrons of the metal atoms are shared across the entire cluster, having unique optical and electronic properties”.  KAUST also found that surrounding silver nanoclusters with negatively charged hydrogen-rich shells offers new opportunities in catalysis and opto-electronics.  “Simple organic citrate ions, derived from readily available citric acid, can interact with and stabilize colloidal gold nanoparticles to yield the stable nanoparticles needed as powerful catalysts and anti-cancer agents”.  The unique healing properties of combination of Silver and Gold, called Electrum by ancient alchemists, may be explained.  “Altering a single atom in a silver nanocluster considerably changes its properties, creating an exciting opportunity to design these clusters. Replacing a single atom in a cluster of 25 silver atoms with one gold atom fundamentally changes its properties”.

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Closer ties for silver clusters

Silver nanoparticles’ gold luster

A golden replacement

Gold standards for nanoparticles.

Dr. Stewart. Electrode news colloidal gold, colloidal platinum &colloidal palladium Mar 2017

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I am happy to announce new features for our colloidal gold, colloidal platinum and colloidal palladium electrodes.

We now are cutting these 99.99% pure precious metal electrodes in long narrow (0.25 inch) strips rather than rectangular.  This will allow for more efficient use of the metal surface, while immersed in water. Our other available electrodes are silver, copper, magnesium, zinc, iron, titanium, tin, bismuth, steel.


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Dr. Stewart. The brain’s natural defense for fighting off viruses & Colloidal Silver Mar 2017

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Preventing Alzheimer’s Disease: A study published May 2016 in the journal Translational Medicine by researchers at Harvard University theorized that the brain’s natural defense for fighting off viruses, fungi or bacteria could be the cause of the amyloid plaque that damages the brain over many decades. It could even provide new insights into the root microbial causes of more serious diseases such as Alzheimer’s. It might therefore be prudent to ingest our daily requirement of colloidal silver (0.5 mg) to ensure that no microbes can survive and proliferate in brain tissue.

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Dr. Stewart. E. coli. chicken/meat/fish products, toxic chemicals & Colloidal Silver Mar 2017

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Choose your meat wisely: 50 percent of grocery store chicken is laced with feces. 48 percent of the samples tested positive for E. coli. Chicken products also often test positive for toxic chemicals, carcinogens and antibiotic resistant superbugs. Manufacturers and users should use colloidal silver from our industrial colloidal generators at

Full story is at Natural News.

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Dr. Stewart. Urinary, bladder, kidney infections – antibiotics vs colloidal silver Mar 2017

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Urinary, bladder and kidney infections could soon be life-threatening without colloidal silver. E. coli is the cause of most urinary tract infections, one of the most common infections requiring antibiotics. Half of all women have a UTI (Urinary Tract Infections) at least once in their lives. Effective antibiotics make most UTIs only a minor annoyance, but if antibiotics fail, the infection can spread into the kidneys and bloodstream, and even become life-threatening. Many UTIs now resist one or more types of antibiotic, and a few have resisted all of them.

The WHO (World Health Organization) is meeting in Berlin this week with health ministers from the world’s 20 richest countries. They will discuss funding drugs firms to develop new antibiotics, which are otherwise too unprofitable to invest in. Hopefully they will recognize the benefits of colloidal silver and start funding us. The greatest need is for drugs to kill Acinetobacter, Pseudomonas and members of the Enterobacteria family that resist the last-resort carbapenem antibiotics. The Enterobacteria include E. coli, which takes a heavy toll in hospitals and nursing homes, where it can cause fatal blood and lung infections. Colloidal Silver is extremely effective against Norovirus which has frequently caused cruise ships to return to port. Colloidal Silver is now being used in fish farms, poultry farms and to treat trees.

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Dr. Stewart. Containers for production of Colloidal Silver. Nov 2015

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The subject of this blog is Containers:

Many of our users ask about obtaining a suitable large container in which to make the colloidal waters. Although purists would argue that it is better to use glass, we have found that a good quality container made of drinking water quality plastic works perfectly well not only for charging the water, but also for long-term storage.  We can provide you with a lightweight 7.56 litre (2 gallons) plastic container which also has a tap at the bottom. It has a 3.5 inch opening upon which our generator sits.  Because they are so light, we can mail them inexpensively to any country in the World. Price is $20 USD each.  We also use and sell for $35 USD, a heavier glass container made by Anchor Hocking which is available from many cooking stores, such as Walmart, Amazon, Target, etc. Two sizes are available half gallon Item # 85787R and one gallon Item # 85725 at

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Happy Thanksgiving  to you and your family.

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Dr. Stewart. Independent Laboratory Analysis of our Colloidal Silver Nov 2015

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In this blog I’d like to introduce the visitor to independent laboratory analysis (below) done on Biophysica-generator produced colloidal silver (CS) and colloidal gold (CG).

The results speak for themselves both in terms of size and concentration, which gives the user the confidence that CS and CG produced using Biophysica’s generators are of the highest quality available. Most of our competitors do not offer laboratory analysis and in our opinion their generators are inferior to ours for many reasons. I wouldn’t trust a colloidal generator that is not backed by laboratory analysis. I would never recommend using silver wire instead of proper electrodes because its use will create very large particles that are not only useless in terms of fighting micro organisms but could also cause harm.

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Independent Laboratory Analysis

We sent samples for Independent laboratory analysis of our colloidal products made using our CS-12 colloidal generator, charged at 48 volts for 48 hours, with 2 large 2 inch x 6 inch pure silver and gold electrodes, Alternating Polarity, Constant Current, Stirrer, spinning double Neodymium magnet and Pulse Modulation with proprietary waveforms. Results showed a stable clear Colloidal Silver product with 45.4 parts per million (ppm). The TEM picture (Transmission Electron Microscopy) shows spherical particles in a range of sizes from 2 to 8 nm. This is an impressive achievement due to the high frequencies we use to induce a high Zeta Potential. CS at this high concentration would generally become cloudy due to agglomeration of nanoparticles. Our product was also tested and found to be highly potent against MRSA.

The following are unedited reports for our Colloidal Silver and Colloidal Gold.

SILVER: These spectacular results show that the silver particle size is no more than 8 nanometres and furthermore is demonstrated to be active against Methacillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) within 8 minutes. In this experiment, the efficacy of Biophysica was tested against the bacteria Staphylococcus aureus at four and eight minutes. The subject sample BP (24.20 ppm), showed signs of antibacterial activity equally against both the S1 and S2 strains. At four minutes BP began to inhibit the bacterial growth, while at eight minutes BP significantly reduced the bacterial growth.

Gold Results for our colloidal gold show that nano-particles of our sample #1 have size of 2-3 nm. Concentration could be increased from 0.56 ppm with charging for 10 to 20 days instead of only 2 days.

These impressive high quality results are likely due to the use of the above special conditions, which we have been researching for the last 20 years.

Research literature indicates that charged nanometre-sized particles smaller than 10 nm exhibit greatly enhanced antimicrobial activity compared with larger particles over 100 nm. Quantum phenomena and non-locality effects on consciousness, mitochondria and DNA may also be playing a part at these small dimensions. Particles of this small size will exhibit Quantum effects.

Links: Independent Laboratory Colloidal Analysis of Our Product at 45 ppm showing size less than 8 nm at

3) Our colloidal water has proven independent lab certification
4) Gold at

Dr. Stewart. Enhanced Constant Current control Oct 2015

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We have recently developed a new highly linear (to 1%) current regulator design for enhanced constant current control range and linearity, which is now in all new devices (colloidal waters generators). The electrical current will now range from 6 milliAmperes to 65 mA. 6 mA will be best for smallest nanoparticles and 65 mA for Gold and Platinum. The control knob will indicate a linear relationship to current, unlike our older designs. The new control modification also includes two options
1) A pair of output connector jacks with which to monitor electrodes current using any small external multimeter, which we also sell for $60. Cost = $100 USD
2) Front panel digital LED display of current through the electrodes. Cost = $150 USD

Germanium energies are included the circuit inside the circuit using a Germanium crystal diode.

Feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions at 647-478-6946 Toll Free 1-800-488-2032 from Canada, US E-mail:

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Dr. Stewart. Why Colloidal Sept 2018

Why Colloidal?

Colloidals are the smallest particles that matter can be divided into while still keeping its individual characteristics, without going atomic, becoming an ion and locked into an inactive sulphate, oxide, chloride or fluoride molecule. They are nanoparticles in permanent suspension because of the Zeta Potential electrical charge (up to 60 millivolts), on each particle causing mutual repulsion, preventing aggregation into large ineffective particles. Ions have a much smaller charge which rapidly becomes neutralized in the body.

Size Matters:

The smallest nanoparticles come from the largest electrodes, with the largest area, such as our 2” x 6” sheets, with area = 12 sq inches. This is why we never use wires or rods. A rod of length H= 6” of #12 gauge has a diameter of D= 0.081” (2 mm) which has a surface area of only ?DH = 3×0.08×6 = 1.44 sq inches. Nanoparticle size is directly dependent on Current Density = milliamperes per square inch of area. This means that if current is too large or area too small, then the electrodes will be overdriven producing large ineffective particles and ions.
The more effective nano-particles range in size from less than 1 nanometer to 10 nanometers, which is 30-60 times smaller than the wavelength of light (300-600 nm). Consequently they cannot be seen with any light microscope and will not give a Tyndall Effect using a laser beam. If there is a colour or Tyndall, then those particles are too large to be fully effective against the small more dangerous viruses which cause neurological damage. The small size gives colloidal minerals enormous surface area, and special properties of absorption for the human or animal body, as opposed to rock and shell based minerals, which are always combined with some other radical, such as in oxides, and have no Zeta Potential charge. Dr Joel Wallach says “One teaspoon of colloidals can have a total surface area of over 127 acres”.

Electrical Charge (Zeta Potential)

Because of our proprietary technology, which includes magnetic vortex, high frequencies, current control, alternating polarity, our nanoparticles have been measured to carry a very high Zeta Potential electrical charge of 60 millivolts.

According to Wikipedia this potential is in the highest range to ensure excellent
long-term stability. Look at

Absorption and Excretion:

Superior absorption is another characteristic of colloids, since the finely divided colloidal particles having a large surface area exposed to interact with our cells and still able to penetrate the Blood-Brain Barrier. Excretion of colloidal nanoparticles is all too rapid, so that ingestion should be done on a daily basis.

According to Dr Joel Wallach ”Colloidal minerals are truly the most efficient way to get your minerals. You can absorb 98% of them. They are liquid. They have a small particle size. To give you a comparison: a red blood cell is 7 microns. A colloidal mineral particle is 0.01 micron (or less): that is 1/7000th the size of a red blood cell. Minerals move around in our bodies through our blood, and we store minerals in our cells. The small size of colloidal minerals is ideal. The electrical charge means they stay in solution or suspension- they don’t settle out. They are very absorbable. Instead of having to break down bulky, compressed tablets or gelatin capsules, the body can immediately go to work using your self-made colloidal minerals. Which will not interfere with any other supplemental or therapeutic program. Instead, they assist any and all diets, medication or herbs to work faster and more efficiently”. At

Dangerous viruses:

Viruses play a role in causing some cancers and may be responsible in Alzheimers, MS, Parkinsons, Diabetes, Chronic fatigue (Epstein-Barr Virus), Mononucleosis. They can be so small as to enter and infect bacteria. Even smaller, <20 nm, are the Prions which cause Mad Cow Disease and possibly other brain disorders.  There is considerable evidence that silver nanoparticles of less than 10 nanometres are likely to inactivate most viruses and prions.

Dr. John Stewart Welcome to my Blog Sept 2015

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In my new blog I will be writing about my work, my research and the products created here at Biophysica. You will find relevant and timely material here related to health sciences and specifically to my areas of expertise with a focus on colloidal silver.

Please visit Biophysica’s home page  to familiarize yourself with the range of products and areas of interest we offer.

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