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User’s instructions for making colloidal waters
of silver and other metals

Safety of Colloidal Silver:
It has been established by EPA (CASRN 7440-22-4) that it is safe to ingest a daily quantity of 350 mcg (micrograms) silver in the ionized form.  Nanoparticulate silver, on the other hand, seems to have no upper limit and has never given rise to toxicity. This is the amount that is contained in one ounce (30 ml) or in six teaspoonfuls of 10 ppm colloidal silver. 10 ppm is generally produced by 10 hours of charging pure RO water. 25 ppm is generally produced by 25 hours of charging pure RO water. 3 teaspoonfuls of 25 ppm contains 375 mcg. It is recommended here not to exceed these doses for oral ingestion. Legally available colloidal mineral waters for oral consumption are available in most pharmacies and are not sold by us, because we have not applied for registration.  According to regulations, more concentrated CS water should be restricted for disinfecting and cleaning surfaces, however I have used CS orally at 50 ppm for the last 15 years.  PPM can be determined by using a conductivity meter which we sell.  Be aware that selling unregistered natural products could be in violation of local laws.     
More information can be seen at
Other Metals:  Our CSN1-12 will make colloidal mineral waters of many other metals.    For these we sell electrodes of silver, zinc, copper, magnesium, gold, tin, iron, platinum, palladium, titanium etc.
Water Source:  We are now recommending that commercially available distilled water not be used because distilled water seems to pick up Oxygen and also be heavily ozonized which oxidizes and interacts with the silver to cause a yellow or brown color.  Obtain Distilled or Reverse Osmosis water which has no Chlorine or Ozone.  It is usually available from water stores as R.O. water. Cloudy result in the Colloidal Water usually is because there was some Chlorine, dissolved Oxygen or other oxidizer in the source water. I have had much better results with R.O. water than with Distilled. A recent analysis (Jan 28, 2013) indicates that the purest available water has not only dissolved oxygen but also a wide range of harmless large sized nanoparticles.  This will interfere with any nanoparticle analysis of our product.  To have a laboratory analysis done, use laboratory quality purified water. The analysis of our product showed a very high Zeta Potential of -60 mv and nanoparticle size of less than 8 nm which indicates the highest quality in our industry.
Filtration :  Electrolysis always produces oxide particles due to the production of Oxygen and Hydrogen from the breakdown of water and from Oxygen dissolved in the water.  Cloudy water is normal at first. These oxide particles should be filtered out, preferably by allowing sedimentation of the produced water over at least 24 hours and pouring off the upper layer of clear colloidal water. Then filter with a brown coffee filter, such as #6 size.
Discoloration Of The Water:  Because of the range of silver oxide particles produced, the water at first appears cloudy, brown or dirty. Some degree of filtration is necessary.  Generally it is better to allow the produced water to stand for 24 to 48 hours to allow particles to sediment leaving a clear liquid.  Filter using a brown unbleached coffee filter or alternatively a 1 to 10 micron filter can be used.  Sometimes the water has a yellow colour. The yellow tinge is harmless and indicates that some of the silver has oxidised to insoluble silver oxide due to the oxygen already present in the water and also produced as part of the electrolysis process.  This seems to be due to the presence of  a large amount of particles in the size range above 10 nm.   Interesting graph which helps explain the yellow colour  at

Conductivity:   Measure the conductivity of the water before and after the charging process to determine an approximate measure of parts per million (mg/Litre or ug/ml).  We sell a suitable sensitive conductivity microsiemens meter (not a TDS meter which is inaccurate and calibrated for Sodium Chloride).

Power:  Turn the power level on the generator to lowest counter-clockwise level at first for highest quality and slowest charging rate.
Discoloration Inside container:  The silver and other metal atoms act like an electroplating process which deposits metal atoms on all surfaces.
Cleaning Electrodes:  Use fine steel wool to remove any oxide from the electrodes before each session. Do not use soap.
Alternating Polarity Self-Cleaning:  This alternates the electrical connection to the anode and cathode every few minutes thus preventing even more particles from forming. It also ensures equal wear on the electrodes.  The alternating display light runs 1000x faster than the actual alternation of polarity. This can be switched OFF to allow gold or platinum to be processed using only one precious electrode in the red anode outlet and a silver electrodes in the black/green cathode outlet.

Ions:  Our technology prevents the formation of ions. Whatever silver ions present will be immediately neutralized by stomach Hydrochloric Acid or incorporated into proteins and be ineffective or cause Argyria (blue skin discoloration), thus giving CS a bad reputation.  Our research has been focused on producing a range of bio-available nanoparticles of less than 10 nm, rather than ions.  Older, traditional processes overdrives the electrodes and will cause ions, and silver particles larger than 20 nanometres and up to 1 micron (1000 nm) to be sintered off the electrodes and enter the water.  These crude large particles may kill many bacteria but are ineffective against small viruses and the smaller highly destructive Prions (cause brain damage).  Ideally the electrodes should have large area with low levels of current ie low current density for the smallest most effective nanoparticles.
Choice of water: When you do this yourself, it is very important to control the purity of the water, because the purity of the water is one of the factors that ensures that the metal clusters will be mono-atomic atoms, not ions. As with all Homeopathic remedies, use preferably good quality non-ozonized and not-oxygenated distilled or Reverse Osmosis water with no more than 15 ppm of dissolved solids should be used and is available in most pharmacy stores as “distilled water”.  Ideally you should not use purified, spring, or filtered water because it still has too many dissolved minerals and ions in it.  Distilled or R.O. water is ideal to start the reaction slowly and let it proceed properly for up to 12-24 hours. Make sure it is not chlorinated or ozonized since Chlorine and Oxygen have an oxidizing effect on metal atoms.  However in emergenices any water can be used and we have used ozonated water with good results, although sometimes resulting in a harmless yellow tinge. Multiple distilled water may be too pure to conduct much current at first.  Distilled water is generally not recommended for human consumption.
In an emergency or in third world countries, any source of water is safe and suitable for immediate use, even contaminated drinking water or tap water in spite of its dissolved Chlorine content.  For highest quality NANO WATER use Reverse Osmosis water to obtain the smallest mono-atom particles for long-term storage and effectiveness.  Some manufacturers of CS Water add vitamins or trace minerals such as Iodine, Manganese, Zinc, Potassium, Cobalt, Sodium, Selenium, Chromium, Silica, and Boron or use mineral or Willard water. These might seem to have the advantage of containing other essential minerals but have the disadvantage of providing more vigorous conductivity for the electric current and the release of ineffectively large particles and no mono-atoms.  Also, they introduce metal salts which contaminate your product.  In the final product, there should be no salts present, only highly charged atoms, each atom having an electrical charge (Zeta Potential) and acts only as a catalyst.  The fewer the number of atoms (each 0.12 nm) in each cluster, the smaller the particle is and the more effective it is in protecting immunity by penetrating deep into mitochondria, bacteria, smallest viruses and prions.  The slow charging process (12 to 24 hours) plus Alternating Polarity and High Frequency Pulses used in our colloidal generators allows only the smallest mono-atomic particles to become detached one-by-one from the surface of the metal electrode.  We recommend 24 to 48 hours charging for a strong high quality product of about 20 to 50 ppm for cleaning and surface purposes.  Ideally storage container should be of dark glass or some drinking water quality dark plastic.
Once you have purchased or assembled the generator, the directions are as follows:
Water:  Go to your local pharmacy or Walmart and buy a 1 to 8 litre container of standard distilled water. Unfortunately most distilled water sold is already  OZONIZED which oxidises the silver causing a yellow colour. We have tested distilled or R.O. water as being most suitable. Other mineral waters and tap water are too conductive and may contain Chlorine.
Do not add minerals or salts. Do not heat the water.  This causes excessive conductivity and damaging electrical current levels at the electrode surface and introduces unwanted salts and ions.  Your product should have a minimum of IONS, and mainly ATOMS and clusters of unionized atoms (called nanoparticles).
Container:  Fill a sufficiently deep 1 to 8 litre glass cup, fish bowl, or flower vase sufficiently full of distilled water.  The 4 litre (1 gallon) glass cracker/biscuit jar with a 4” diameter mouth and 7” deep made by the Anchor Hocking Company item #85725 has a nice flat top, bottom and sides.  See picture on our website. If you cannot find these locally, eg WALMART or order from  or we can sell them to you.  However glass is expensive for us to pack and ship.
Electrodes:  Clean electrodes, if blackened, with steel wool (unsoaped) before each use. Do not use detergents or soaps on the electrode surface.
Charging Process:  Insert the electrodes into the red and black/green outlets. The red outlet (Anode) is the active electrode for Silver, Gold, Zinc, Copper, Magnesium, Titanium, Platinum, Iron,  and the black or green outlet is for the ground cathode electrode which is usually silver.  The cathode is negatively driven , and does not contribute atoms. You can safely short the red to the black electrode, because of our proprietary constant current feature.  The current is limited and programmed to the correct milli-ampere and frequency level for the particular metal regardless of what water is used (even sea water).  Make sure that no water enters inside the generator as this will cause destructive corrosion of wires. 

Alternating Polarity:  In alternate polarity, each electrode becomes Anode then Cathode alternately.  This keeps the electrodes clean of oxides which would inhibit action.    Insert the stirrer, immerse the electrodes into the water. Plug in the power supply and the generator will come on automatically. Read caution notes at the end of this document.
Turning ON colloidal generator:  Turn power on by rotating the stirrer speed control knob which contains a switch. In later models we have removed this switch, because it was difficult to find.
Motor and Stirrer:   If motor does not start immediately, turn the shaft by hand to free up the mechanism.  Motor is  6 volt but is underdriven at 2.5 volts so as not to agitate the water too much but still creates a vortex. We can program it to run at full 6 volts, if you prefer a stronger vortex.
Metal Choice:  Knob changes the current and frequency levels so as to be appropriate for each metal.  In the single metal model, CSN1-1, the knob changes the size of nanoparticles from small to large, depending on the quality you would prefer.  Low level corresponds to higher quality. 
Electrode light:  At first the electrode blue light indicator will not be visible because the current is at first very low.  With distilled water the electrode indicator light will be very weak since its intensity is an indicator of water conductivity, and water is inherently non-conductive.  This light will gradually become more visible as the current rises up to 10-20 milliamperes.  It will flicker and change due to the modulation of the applied high frequencies, such as Rife, Schumann, 258 Hz etc.
Alternating lights:  The middle light indicates that the alternating polarity function is active for self-cleaning function. Turn it off if you are making colloidal gold or platinum with only one precious metal electrode.
Time:  Allow the process to continue for the chosen length of time according to the concentration you want, usually 8 hours for 1 litre for 10 parts per million of Silver.  Slow trickle-charging ensures the best mono-atomic nano-water. For strengths up to 50 ppm, you can safely leave it charging for 12 to 48 hours.  If you forget and leave it on for one week, it will still be safe and of excellent quality.  An external timer can be used to switch off the generator after 24 or 48 hours.
Stirrer:  Lower the speed of the stirrer to a minimum just sufficient to induce a vortex but avoid bubbling & mixing with air. Our magnetic stirrer is used to enhance the quality of the product by restructuring the water.
Completion:  After 12 -24 hours remove and wipe electrodes of oxide.  Be advised that the water will appear murky at this point due the presence of Silver oxides. SUBSTANTIAL SILVER OXIDE BROWN MUD FORMATION IS NORMAL. Allow the container to sit undisturbed for 24 hours then filter.  Filter out insoluble floating and sinking oxide particles through an unbleached coffee filter and funnel or our more elaborate 1 to 10 micron filters. You can use the filter several times over. Store electrodes in air-tight plastic bag to prevent blackening with oxygen.
Other minerals:   For other metals, charge for 12 or more hours using the Gold, Platinum, Zinc or Copper electrode plugged into the red positive (Anode) outlet (if you have purchased such an electrode). Keep the silver electrode (as cathode) in the black outlet.  Ideally both metals should be of the same material, with Alternating Polarity switched ON.  If you are using only one precious metal electrode for cost reasons, switch Alternating Polarity OFF.
Testing:  Sample some of the nano-water by holding a small amount in your mouth to verify the bitter taste at the back of your throat. Electrical conductivity should read 20 – 60 microSiemens.
Storage:  Store water in dark container, since light neutralises the Zeta Potential charge. Keep nano-water cool without refrigeration which would inactivate Brownian Movement.  Do not shake bottle which mixes in Oxygen causing tarnishing of the silver atoms and a harmless yellow hue.

Current:   If you have ordered the current monitoring option, you can monitor the actual current going through the electrodes.  You would use a digital multimeter on the 200 millivolt scale with the two meter cables plugged into the outlets on top of the box.  1 millivolt equals 1 milliamp passing through the electrodes into the water.

GOLD:   For Colloidal gold and platinum, as with any colloidal water, we start with pure non-ozonized distilled or R.O. water.  CG needs a higher electrical current and voltage than Silver, Copper, Zinc, Tin, Magnesium.  This why we provide a 48 volt power supply (not 12 or 24 volts) and constant Current Control.  At the same time, the water has to be seeded.  You must first make the water more electrically conductive in order to get higher electrical current between the electrodes for gold and platinum.  This is best done by making colloidal silver, then using a silver electrode as the cathode  (negative, black connector), use the gold as the anode (positive, red connector).  Ideally for the highest quality you should use two gold electrodes.
The ppm of gold in a 1 litre container over 48 hours is about 5 ppm and the colour is clear or pink.  We do not see red coloration since that would indicate large particles of around 600 nm.
Making Gold with DC electrical current (rather than with dangerous high several thousand voltage sparks) requires that the water be already electrically conductive so that large current up to 0.1 amps (100 milliamperes) can flow between the electrodes.  This is called "seeding".  Some people use Baking Soda or Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) to enhance conductivity and others like ourselves recommend silver atoms and ions since they combine well with Gold atoms in an elixir called by the ancient alchemists "Electrum".  You should therefore use the more concentrated CS.  Using less water such as 1 litre, would give a higher ppm of Gold since there is less dilution.  It is unlikely that you could get more than 10 ppm of Gold using the low voltage DC method over 48 hours and this is sufficient to obtain the benefits of CG. Just like CS which is sold commercially in many pharmacies at 7 - 10 ppm. More info on gold at
PULSER:  High frequency pulse modulation is now standard in all of our generators for making a higher quality smaller particle colloid of 1 to 8 nanometres.  We now use 432 and 528 Hz, the Love Frequency of Dr Len Horowitz, frequency modulated by 7.83 hz of Schumann Resonance.  This causes regular variations in intensity of the current through the electrodes in the water, as the frequency is being modulated and helps to enhance Zeta Potential charge on each nanoparticle.
The pulser is not to make stronger ppm but higher quality approaching atomic dimensions and to act as a carrier waveform for spiritual and Quantum effects and to combat Prions.   For serious conditions, such as viral neurological disorders, the Pulser is a definite advantage.  The Pulse mode enables smaller particles to be produced and is refinement on the basic process.  Those atoms which do come off the anode electrode are of a higher quality and smaller and likely more effective against small vicious viruses like Mad Cow virus called a Prion.
PPM measurement: Even among experts there is confusion about ppm and how much is Ionic and how much particulate (colloidal) and how our conductivity meters and even analytical laboratories reflect these measurements. Regarding the water test meter, it measures only electrical resistance of the water which is only an indirect measure of ions and atoms in the water and is the best method conveniently available. TDS (Total Dissolver Solids) is a measurement of Sodium Chloride not nanoparticles which can be positively or negatively charged, thus confusing the measurement.
With distilled water the measurement usually commences at zero or 1 and it rises to about 25 microSiemens after 24 hours with Silver. An accurate measure of parts per million can only be done by sending a sample of the water to a special analytical laboratory, which we have done several times and correlated the ppm result with conductivity. 
Testing your generator:  Do the lights of the generator come on?  Short the two electrodes together to see the electrode light come on.  After several hours, there should be a slight oxide deposit on the electrodes or on bottom of container.  Using the alternating polarity mode, there is usually little deposit, because of the self-cleaning action. 
One way of testing the generator for proper electrical output is to buy a cheap multi-voltmeter from Radio Shack and use it to verify and measure that the voltage between the two electrodes is 24 or 48 v.  Then switch meter to current reading of 200 mA and test each switch setting.  Alternatively, buy a very small 12 volt automobile light bulb and connect it across the electrodes and turn the switch to higher levels and the bulb should light at about 50 milliamps.  Or use a LED (light emitting diode) at the lower levels.  You may have to switch polarity of the LED.  High levels will burn out the LED. When you taste the water, is there a slight metallic taste?   This is the best indication of success.
Protecting your CS from light and other influences:  Silver is light-sensitive. Most people and some experts dont bother to protect their CS water from light for the 2 days of charging. Our product is of such stability and high quality (using non-ozonated water) that we have found no measurable changes or deterioration after one year. Differences in concentration and colour are thought to be due to different quality of water, temperature and likely quantum effects, since we are making quantum-sized particles less than 20 nanometres.
CAUTION:  Some metals, especially Magnesium, Zinc, Tin and Titanium  anodize rapidly and may disintegrate with prolonged exposure to electrical current. Please monitor and observe these electrodes every hour and limit electrolysis to a level that is safe for the electrode.
Magnetic Vortex Stirrer:  This spinning neodymium magnet restructures the water allowing for a higher Zeta Potential and preventing atoms from combining into larger particles, greater than 8 nm. It also increases the Homeopathic Potency of the remedy.

432/528 Hz:  The current passing into the electrodes is made to alternate across the frequency range of 432Hz to 528 Hz, Love Frequency recommended by Dr Len Horowitz, which is then frequency modulated (scanned) up and down at a rate of 7.83 Hz to include the adjacent frequencies 417 Hz and 639 Hz. 528 Hz is considered to be the Love frequency.

Sacred Geometry:  All of our circuit boards have Sacred invocations and the Chartres Labyrinth etched into the copper such that the 528 Hz alternating current passes through the layrinthine pattern before entering the water.   As a consequence, the result is, or is close to being, miraculous sacred healing water.
Quantum Effects:   Since the nanoparticles are within the range of quantum behaviour we can expect them to exhibit interactions with Consciousness, non-locality, time reversals and tunneling at superluminal velocities.
Discoloration Inside container:  The silver and other metal atoms act like an electroplating process which deposits metal atoms on all surfaces.
Dosage: We recommend to always ingest CS water on an empty stomach. We suggest it is best to hold CS water under the tongue for 30 seconds while ingesting each dose. Wait 15 minutes before consuming any other liquid, nutritional supplement, or food. After meals, wait at least 1 hour before resuming dosages to allow the stomach contents to clear. Always use CS water in its pure form, so do not dilute it with other liquids or water. The one exception is fresh aloe leaf gel/juice mixed 1::1 which may be used to help more completely better nourish and support the liver and intestinal tract as a whole. If feeling immune challenged, drink plenty of fluids, healthy soups, and/or fresh fruit smoothies, and consult with your holistic health care provider.  Colloidal silver mixed with aloe vera make a good skin antiseptic gel.
Maintenance dose: Recommended ingestion for adults - One tablespoonful (10ml) of 30 ppm provides 300 micrograms daily or every other day taken on an empty stomach. We recommend ½ dosages for younger children, or as directed by a licensed holistic health care provider.
In the presence of others with compromised immune systems: Recommended ingestion – 1 teaspoon to 1 Tablespoon 3 times a day ingested on an empty stomach (i.e., between meals), or as directed by a licensed holistic health care provider.
When confronted with an immediate immune challenge that may have compromised your feeling of wellbeing: Recommended ingestion – Take 1 teaspoon to 1 Tablespoon once every 20 minutes for up to 24 hours. Once your feeling of wellbeing returns reduce ingestion to once every 1-2 hours on an empty stomach. If you continue to feel immune stressed, always consult with a health care provider to consider your options. CS water works well with other immune supports as directed by your physician so long as it is ingested on an empty stomach.
Long-term immune stress or compromise: Recommended ingestion – Take 1 teaspoon to 1 Tablespoon 3 to 7 times a day on an empty stomach, or as directed by a holistic health care provider. 1 Teaspoon (5 ml)



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