Portable Colloidal Generators

CS1-T Travel / Emergency Colloidal Generator Our compact affordable professional quality CS1-Blender for small volume home and travel use is designed to inactivate most bacteria and viruses in drinking water. Looks like a blender/mixer for ease of international travel and customs clearance. Will operate from 9 to 24 volts adapter, battery or automobile outlet with our adapter cable or hand crank dynamo or 1 watt solar panel. Higher voltage (24 volts) is recommended for non-conductive pure or distilled water. Charger generator of diameter 3.5” (9 cm) will fit on top of many cups and containers, consequently travelers may not need to carry our 600 ml container. CS1 makes professional quality (molecules less than 8 nanometers), 10-40 ppm colloidal silver solution and has the following features:

Using the provided container, will make 20 ounces (600 ml) of 5-40 ppm colloidal waters (Silver, Copper, Zinc, Magnesium); 5ppm in one hour or 20 ppm in 24 hours, or 40 ppm in 48 hours. Not powerful enough for colloidal Gold or Platinum. CS1 generator can be placed over larger containers up to 4 litres using your own large 5 inch deep mason jar or glass fish bowl and our larger 2” x 5” electrodes with more prolonged charging for concentrated (25 to 50 ppm) colloidal waters.

The CS1 with the Ultra violet light and 9volt battery options (pictured to the right).

Options: Adapter cable to connect to 2 9v batteries, adapter cable for 12 v automobile lighter, 2 ultraviolet lamps, magnet-loaded stirrer, solar panel.
SteriCard: Traveler’s Emergency Water Purifier

Anode is 99.99% pure silver sheet 3″ x 2″;
Cathode (ground) is 99.99% pure copper with labyrinth pattern.

  • Smallest professional emergency water purification ionizer in the World. Business card size. Provides safe drinking water and beverages for travelers.
  • Small, compact, light-weight, convenient for restaurant, beach and bar use to disinfect all beverages. Makes for a lively focus of conversation. Don’t travel anywhere without one. It could save your life.
  • Slim enough (5 mm) to fit in a wallet, purse, pocket, eye-glass case or book.
  • Works where UV alone will not, such as in cloudy beverages. Totally safe, whereas Chlorine, Iodine, peroxide etc may cause cancer.
  • Provides long-lasting residual antimicrobial potency in the treated water for many months because ions and Zeta Potential do not evaporate.
  • Makes 1 litre of safe drinking water in 15 minutes.
  • Powered by standard 9 volt alkaline battery available anywhere, or any 6-24 volt DC or AC source.
  • Totally immersible. On-board ultra-violet light comes on under water. Lamp is unbreakable.
  • UV light on the stericard comes on automatically to help sterilize the water and to verify flow of ions and electric current from the electrodes through the water.
  • Large pure anode electrode (2″ x 2″) for high quality and antimicrobial effectiveness.
  • Current into the electrodes is controlled by our constant current controlling circuit to an accuracy of 0.1 %, to the proper level of milliamperes, regardless of variations in water conductivity or of applied voltage.
  • Weight = 0.025 kg = 25 grams (without battery).
  • Comes with reinforced rigid battery snap and heavy duty wire for rough use.
  • High quality unbreakable printed circuit board.
  • Costs less than the Steripen.
  • Ionization disinfection technology is EPA and WHO approved for safety and efficacy.