Biophysica's domestic generator accessories


Magnetic Stirrer:
Creates a magnetic vortex to restructure water for enhanced results. Nanoparticles have been found to be magnetic and will not agglomerate in this dynamic magnetic field.
This powerful Neodymium magnetic stirrer is designed to plug into our domestic colloidal generators.

Price is $50 USD
Plastic Stirrer: Use in emergency if you have lost the magnetic stirrer

Price = $5
Glass Container:
1 gallon (4 or 5 litre versions) glass container with aluminum lid and 7 inch (10 cm) internal height for 6 inch long electrodes. Ideal for charging water. Has flat sides allowing inspection of electrodes. Weighs 1.3 kg. Not readily available in stores.

These are available in 1 gallon 4 litre size cheaper directly as cracker jar from as Item #164275 or in various sizes from the manufacturer at

We can supply them if you like, but their weight of glass will cost more in shipping than the value.
Buy only the model with metal cap, because the jar opening is 4 inches which is perfect for our colloidal generators

Our price is $40 USD
For final bottling, we suggest glass or plastic blue bottles, with cap, plastic seals and your own label.

For prices please contact us.
24 Volt or 48 Volt DC
Internationally approved switching power supply adapter.

Prices are $50 and $80 respectively

Ultrasonic Nebulizer:
For inhaling colloidal silver water

Price is $80 USD for either

Conductivity Meter:
This is a small professional quality microSiemens meter specially chosen for the required range of our colloidal mineral water application (0-999 uS). Do not use a TDS meter which gives false results. We can supply advanced meters to measure pH, ORP, dissolved oxygen etc. . One uS is approximately equal to 1 ppm.

Price is $140 USD for this basic model and $1000 for the comprehensive model
Filter funnel with suction:
Uses fine filter paper down to 1 micron (1000nm)

Price is $300 includes vacuum pump