ElectroMedical Devices

ElectroMedical Devices

These four devices are not available for sale in Canada except as investigational or custom devices for the sole use of a particular professional.

Electrical Scalp Stimulator 

Electrical Scalp Stimulator for Hair Follicle Regrowth

This technology uses electrical energy and laser light combined to effectively stimulate hair follicles to new growth. Electro-trichogenesis is also called Neuro-Electric Scalp Stimulation (NESS) or ETG. It is any technology for electrically stimulating skin cells and hair follicles. The name is derived from the ancient Greek language. NESS is a product of the new science of Biophotonics which is a synergistic convergence of Biology, Optics and Electronics. This combination embodies the already demonstrated benefits of each energy system.

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NEODYME Sinewave Magnetic Therapy Technology:

with 1-4 Treatment Heads

The Neodyme dynamic pulsing alternating magnetic treatment device emits gentle more natural sine wave pulsations of alternating North and South pole magnetism from powerful 20,000 Gauss Neodymium magnets spinning within a treatment head. Moving magnets enhance the Faraday Effect and are much more powerful and penetrating than static magnets.

The spinning rate is adjustable thus giving control over frequency of pulsation in order to resonate with specific organs.  Both systems penetrate deeply into tissues including the Bladder, Pancreas, Brain, Lungs, Bone which are not otherwise accessible to therapeutic energies.

Each unit has an output connector for external frequency meter to indicate precise rate which can be tuned to Rife, Schumann or other frequencies.

The Neodyme is very simple to use. The only control is to change frequency. The treatment head is 9 cm diameter by 5 cm thickness and has a 6 foot (2 metres) length cable.

 Prostate Shrinker Control Box and Prostate Shrinker Emitter 

Prostate Shrinker for Non-invasive Treatment of Prostate Enlargement

Far Infrared (FIR) Hyperthermia Treatment for Prostate Enlargement.  Prostatherm is a procedure where the temperature inside the prostate is raised to 55° Celsius (130° Fahrenheit) using a focused ultrasonic, infrasonic and electro-magnetic beam from an applicator upon which the user sits.

Unlike microwave, cryotherapy, radiation, Brachytherapy, Ablatherm or HIFU treatments which are relatively invasive, painful and require anaesthetic, Prostatherm slowly raises the temperature, which shrinks and ultimately destroys targeted cells.

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 Transcranial Magnetic Stimulator

 Transcranial Magnetic Stimulator

Biophysica’s portable repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulator (TMS) is a form of Deep Brain Stimulation.

TMS is a powerful highly effective non-invasive pulsed magnetic stimulator with a measurable range extending to 12 “(30 cm).

Biophysica’s TMS emits frequencies from 0.1Hz to 50Hz which includes all the brain wave frequencies, especially Theta Waves and 40Hz.

Output waveform is biphasic (both positive and negative polarity).  Pulse repetition frequency is adjustable by user.

Two models are available Model 1 is mounted on an anglepoise movable microphone arm and Model 2 is in a small box upon which the client’s head can rest and which emits Infra-red pulses know to be helpful in Dementia, Alzheimers and Memory Loss.